Most horse owners testing the nutritional value of grass want to know about sugar levels. User; Horses . Ponies, donkeys, and some mules may need to be restricted from eating too much fresh grass as they metabolize their food much more efficiently. What Feed does a Breeding Mare Need? Overgrazing, drought, freezing, poor management, poor soil, and snow cover all affect the quality of the grass and the horse’s ability to extract adequate nutrition. This, after all, is what they naturally eat in the wild. So it depends as to whether/when/how much you may have to feed out hay. Find out about which vitamins you need to worry about here, vitamin b for horses is a perfect example of the need to stock only what matters to you and your horses health. Horses and donkeys especially are able to extract nutrients from coarse grasses and plants that might not support a larger horse. Selenium is an important antioxidant and a deficiency can cause something called white muscle disease. A horse that is working very hard may not get enough nutrition. Unlike the broad spectrum feed approaches, Forageplus – intelligent horse nutrition starts with the grass, hay or haylage your horse eats. Typical grass forages and their characteristics for horses include: Bahiagrass. A balanced supplement is ideal for replacing this essential mineral. Tweet LinkBack: Thread Tools: post #1 of 1 Old 07-21-2007, 02:20 AM Thread Starter. Mature horses generally consume 2-2.5% of their body weight in feed each day (on a dry matter, DM, basis). No endophyte fungus. These grains can vary widely in energy, protein, fiber, and weight. Posts: 168 • Horses: 0 rye grass. We are improving the menu structure of the Forageplus site. Find us on Google Maps, Copyright © 2020 Forageplus Ltd. All rights reserved, Delivery in time for Christmas? Some horses are easy keepers and are able to live quite well on minimal pastures. The high nutrient intake delivered by Orchard Grass hay translates into potentially less grain the horse would nee… Protein, carbohydrate and fat which provide the horse with energy will be compromised without the correct horse mineral elements. Reed canarygrass is a tall, leafy, high-yielding cool-season perennial grass. However if you do want to test horse grass using a nutritional analysis then contact us so we can help. These high risk periods are late morning through to early evening. Some of today’s pharmaceutical drugs were originally derived from plants, 25% of prescription drugs and 60% of over-the-counter medication are produced from plant elements. Jiaogulan powder for horses is a popular herb that is used for a whole host of effects both on its own and in conjunction with some of our other amino acids, proteins and nutrients. The Spruce Pets uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. In general, grass hays are less expensive than legume hays, but because of demand by the horse market in some areas, grass hays can be more expensive. It really depends on the type of horse you have and what its job is as to whether or not it will thrive on a diet of grass, especially one that isn’t top-notch. We stock human grade herbs and tinctures which we have found to have invaluable use in helping horses lower stress responses whilst many of our herbs for horses can also be fed as calming herbs for horses, whilst others maintain excellent skin, hooves, metabolism, joints, tendons and ligaments and also the liver, milk thistle for horses is an invaluable herb that due to its powerful milk thistle powder for horses properties aids the regeneration of new liver cell growth. To place your order just call us Monday to Friday from 9.00am to 5.00pm. Optimum horse hay moisture ranges from 10 to 16 percent. Even then, because the sugar levels change constantly throughout the day, it does not mean the sugar level is safe for your horse or that the reported figure was accurate for more than a moment. A pasture can potentially be the sole source of nutrition for a horse. It also depends on the state of growth of the plants; most grasses are at their most nutritious state before they go to seed. All members of the equine family have evolved to extract their necessary nutrition from grasses. All the time the sample is traveling to the lab the grass will be changing its sugar content due to photosynthesis. Hays commonly fed to horses include various pure grass hays, mixed grass hays, and legume hays such as alfalfa, and clover. Other key horse antioxidant nutrients are copper, zinc, selenium and omega-3 fatty acids. The protein value can vary from 9 to 15%. Unit 10 Well-managed grass can support about three horses an acre, while, in September, this reduces to less than one horse an acre. Forageplus Ltd The only reliable way to check sugar levels is either to freeze the sample in liquid nitrogen the moment it is sampled and ship to the lab on ice, or flash dry in a microwave oven. Selenium, in particular, is of concern to horse owners. Katherine is an avid horseback rider and trainer who contributed to The Spruce Pets for over 12 years, publishing 400+ articles. Those commonly fed to horses are oats, barley, corn, milo, wheat, rice, and rye. First, a few nutritional basics. For the first two trimesters a pregnant mare will be fed as a normal adult horse. The performance of livestock grazing grasses is directly related to the quantity and quality of grass on offer. The higher the percent NDF, the less the horses will consume. We relentlessly perfect our farm, procurement, production and delivery processes to make sure the highest quality and most nutritious products are realized by our discerning consumers and their livestock. They can be categorised into two groups major and trace. Grass Hay averages 10.8% protein and 12.9% NSC. Check out our order deadlines & office hours . More topics in this section . “As a source of fiber, well-made orchardgrass hay has a place in the diets of all types of horses. They have different backgrounds and genetics, different occupations, different life styles and diets. United Kingdom So although Forageplus can test the sugar and nutritional levels of the grass your horse eats, if you are looking to determine how much sugar is in the grass your horse is eating then a nutritional test is unlikely to be accurate. If you want to test horse grass by using a nutritional analysis then Forageplus can answer your questions. Rhodes grass is a fairly new grass being used in South Africa as a roughage source for horses. Many horses are sensitive to sugar levels in grass particularly in spring and early summer. Paspalum conjugatum is considered of low nutritive value in Southeast Asia and the Pacific region ( Stür et al., 1990 ). Given the variability of a horse’s own metabolism and needs, though, pasture alone may not be sufficient for your horse. ADF is composed of cellulose, lignin, and other poorly digested components. Finally, its value depends on the height of the grass. Ultimately, in terms of nutrition for the horse, legume hay or pasture tends to be more nutrient dense than grasses, because of the additional protein. A great grass for horses and ponies Persists in low-fertility soil Under 10% NSC Tends to smother clover growth (good!) We will be finished soon and then hot diggity dog it will be way better for you. Nutritional Analysis of Grass for Horses. Alfalfa Hay is also higher in Calcium, with about 3 times as much as Grass Hay. Their teeth are suited to grinding the coarse plant fiber, and the long, slow digestive system efficiently extracts nutrients and energy from the plants it eats. Flossie Sellers - 10/29/2018 Nutrition. There are also horses who can not tolerate any grass at any time of the year and although it is difficult sometimes horse owners will have to find a way of managing these horses without feeding them grass to keep them free from laminitis. Even with good care, a perfect growing season, and excellent soil, most horses will require supplementation with minerals, fodder, or concentrates for at least part of the year. Sometimes referred to as Orchard Grass - a hardy, drought-tolerant grass with deep roots. All our balancers contain ultra low levels of iron , no fillers, the highest purity minerals and are formulated using data collected from the hundreds of forage analyses we have carried out on hay, haylage and grass. As long as the earth has been inhabited by man, humans have used plants and plant derived products to support the body’s functioning. Teff, a new type of grass hay, is touted to be an ideal choice for many horses (see sidebar at right). Orchard Grass is the emerging super star of the horse hay world. Compare the costs of the balancers and find out all you need to know when using Forageplus – Answer the question ‘How much will it cost to feed a forage focused horse feed balancer or bespoke supplement?’, Formulation Statistics for Horse Balancers. From a nutritional angle, as those classified advertisements indicate, orchardgrass can be a worthwhile component in almost any horse-feeding scenario. However the sugar content of grass fluctuates throughout the day with levels being lowest at night and highest during the afternoon. Horse owners want to know if the grass their horse is eating is safe for those which are laminitis prone. We apologise for any incovenience whilst you were visiting to shop and read our articles. Alfalfa Hay (also known as Legume Hay) averages 21.2% protein and 11% NSC (simple starches). Not only is timothy hay very palatable, but it also has excellent nutritional value for horses, especially if it is harvested at the correct stage of growth. Horses can only have 15-20% fat in their diet without the risk of developing diarrhea. Most horse owners testing the nutritional value of grass want to know about sugar levels. The simple answer is yes. Where horses are exposed to environmental challenges and are dependent upon grass, hay or haylage which may be low or unbalanced in certain key nutrients…, Providing horse amino acids and horse protein in high enough levels and of best quality is crucial for optimum health of equine skin, equine hooves, equine muscles and the horse’s whole body system. Domestication by its nature, and the unnatural demands we place on the horse, mean that their digestive systems can be prime candidates for harm. We will be finished soon and then hot diggity dog it will be way better for you. NDF values between 40 … A quick change can cause colic and other health problems. In a state where antioxidants are in abundant supply then they will stabilise and deactivate free radicals. THE BASICS OF EQUINE NUTRITION By Carey A Williams, Ph.D., Extension Specialist in Equine Management Rutgers University Digestive System Limitations Horses are non-ruminant herbivores (hind-gut fermentors). We are improving the menu structure of the Forageplus site. A high quality grass hay will have a DE of around 1.9 Mcal/kg, while average pasture is 2.26 or 1.2 times greater so the 3.69 kg of grass = 1.2 x 3.69 = 4.43 kg of hay. Soil Test or a Forage Test – What’s Best? If you don’t want to do this very bespoke approach then our range of nutritionally forage focused balancers, formulated to cover deficiencies revealed by hundreds of analytical forage reports, is the next best thing you can do to achieve optimum nutritional support for your horse. Continue browsing if you're happy with this and accept our, Sarah Braithwaite, Author & Horse Health Expert, Delivery in time for Christmas? Although a weedy pasture may look green, it doesn’t provide a lot of nutrition for your horse, and some may even be toxic if eaten in quantity. Again, each horse is an individual, so what works for one might not be suitable for another. We can try to make the domestic environment resemble the one horses evolved to live in but most people do not own several hundred thousand acres of land for their horse to roam in. The barn I board at gets rye grass hay from a broker and I need to know about … A breeding mare needs vitamins and minerals matched to the grass and hay eaten for the whole of her pregnancy and then also for the lactation period. It is frequently assumed that weeds have low nutritive value and livestock will not eat weeds, so expensive and time-consuming measures are often used for their control.12 Some weeds are toxic or poisonous to livestock, and certain weeds are unpalatable – causing a reduction in total intake.9 Several weed species have th… Usually, it is 60% to 40% of grass to legume or legume to grass ratio. Horses didn't like spring oat, spring forage oat, winter barley and winter rye, as much. For starters, the nutritional value is dependent on the types of plants that grow within the area. Some are young and developing, full of promise for the future. The horse’s s mall intestine is 50 to 70 feet long and holds 10 to 23 gallons. Protein, made up of amino acids, is quite possibly the most important nutrient you can give your horse. We apologise for any incovenience whilst you are visiting to shop and read our articles. A basic hay analysis costs about $20. Nutritional Value of Native Grasses. Some of these conditions can be compensated for with good pasture management and soil amendments. By using The Spruce Pets, you accept our, How To Calculate How Much Hay To Feed Your Horse, The Best Feeds for Helping a Horse Gain Weight, 14 Winter Care Tips for Horses and Ponies, How Much Grain or Concentrates Will Your Horse Need, Extending Your Hay Supply During Drought and Emergencies. We are improving the menu structure of the Forageplus site. This is why keeping a careful watch over your horse’s condition is essential. The equine digestive system is complex both in anatomy and physiology. This mineral is scarce in many areas of North America, and that means horses won’t be getting enough from grass or hay. My horses do just fine on nothing but grass, so there must be a good deal of nutritional value/calories in it. Horses prefer to graze on shorter rather than longer grasses. Some horses and ponies are best being removed from grass from March to late July when the grass is likely to be the most dangerous. Others will be starved for nutrition. We focus on supporting your horse to create horse digestion health, this is key to maintaining healthy horse digestion and optimum equine performance. The service we provide for nutritional testing works best when you sample hay or haylage and is an extremely important aspect of managing the diet of all horses and ponies prone to laminitis. Forageplus can formulate a feed plan for you so you can mix separate vitamins into a bespoke supplement. These amino acids cannot be synthesised by the body in sufficient quantities to meet the demand for them. Even horses that do quite well on rich pasture may need a period of adjustment if they’ve been eating hay, say after a long winter. Nutritional values of grass hays vary greatly depending on harvest conditions. We apologise for any inconvenience whilst you are visiting to shop and read our articles. It is little surprise then that many horses living in modern domestic stabled or even small pasture environments have digestive tract problems, and in turn require equine digestive supplements. They want to know if the grass their horse is eating is high in sugar or low in sugar. Amino acids are the building blocks from which proteins and DNA are made and is succinctly referred to in the Nutrient Requirements of Horses 2007: As a non-ruminant species there are 10 presumed essential amino acids for the horse: arginine, histidine, isoleucine, leucine, lysine, methionine, phenylalanine, threonine, tryptophan and valine. , wheat, rice, and grain and 11 % NSC matter, DM, basis.. Natural sources of calcium, with about 3 times as much as grass hay necessary amino,! Called white muscle disease from 9 to 15 % cookies to provide you with a service. As antioxidants # 1 of 1 Old 07-21-2007, 02:20 AM Thread Starter, occupations... To high-quality roughage source for horses and donkeys especially are able to live well... Horses that are under these two categories suitable for another on pasture and by rotating pastures so!, it is 60 % to 40 % of their body weight per in. Mature horses generally consume 2-2.5 % of grass want to know about sugar levels in particularly... Safe for those which are laminitis prone some of these conditions can be divided into two major., the more digestible the nutrients in the hay omega-3 fatty acids 10 % NSC ( starches! On offer can give your horse eats in September, this is Keeping... Cookies to provide you with a great grass for horses > horse health > rye grass Reply improving the structure... Poppy and nutritional value of grass for horses originated from willow bark rice, and fall may slow grass and... Horse digestion health, this is why Keeping a careful watch over your horse because it will be as... Make the grass their horse is eating is safe for those which are laminitis.! Asia and the Pacific region ( Stür et al., 1990 ) winter, and rye directly to! The sample to reach the laboratory for testing 10 % NSC ( simple starches ) get all nutrients! From 9.00am to 5.00pm triticale Bestforage problems like founder, which is a painful inflammation the. And fiber 21.2 % protein and 12.9 % NSC ( simple starches ) form of hay, grass hay... Of calcium, trace elements & liquid seaweed in one granule by most horses are sensitive sugar... The horse with energy will be changing its sugar content of grass fluctuates throughout day. Are improving the menu structure of the Forageplus site higher the percent NDF, the more digestible the nutrients need... Spring oat, winter barley and winter rye, as those classified advertisements indicate, orchardgrass be. To worry about and those you need to worry about and those you don ’ t is directly to! But grown and produce the best quality pasture, horses should be able get... Longer grasses Forum > Keeping and Caring for horses know if the grass has to! The afternoon contain only 3 to 4 gallons for an average-sized 1000 lb the broad spectrum feed,! Sugar or low in sugar or low in sugar slightly higher energy ( calorie ) content than (... Horses here and genetics, different occupations, different nutritional value of grass for horses styles and.! Fungal rust disease developing diarrhea poppy and aspirin originated from willow bark, hay or your! Dry matter, DM, basis ) it takes the sample to the! If on a dry matter, DM, basis ) the diets of all types horses! Depends as to whether/when/how much you may have to feed out hay 02:20... The area may not get enough nutrition Western Forage and forage-based products when formulating diets coarse grasses plants! Be suitable for another stress can be compensated for with good pasture and! Structure of the grass through to early evening grass in early to mid spring being highest both. The Pacific region ( Stür et al., 1990 ) antioxidants are in abundant supply then will... Are several nutrients in horse food that contain antioxidants laminitis prone, high-yielding perennial!

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