Schefflera Arboricola plants, aka dwarf umbrella plants, are a great low light plant choice. It’s facing north and have eaves in front in doors and have only one glas door till exit. This plant loves to be ignored. My home is dark and they always wither and the leave drop off. These plants also made it to NASA’s list of air-filtering houseplants, so Chinese evergreen plants are both easy to care for and healthy choices for your home! I love the Dracaena you have pictured. Peacock plants are known for being very showy and for being particular with their care. Plants can liven up any space, be it your home or office, and their presence is known to even increase productivity of humans. Despite my vigilance, however, my current cat got sick about a month ago because she jumped up on my kitchen counter when my back was turned and ate some of the herbs I was chopping. These are some of the easiest plants to care for because they are so low maintenance. In other words, Bromeliads are the perfect plants to grow indoor simply because they don’t directly need sunlight. Its lush foliage and tough nature make it one of the best plants for anyone in desperate need of some green. I have many Jade plants outside. Incredibly easy to grow, peace lily flourishes in shady locations. The flowers that do not need great amounts of sun include some very versatile types that you can employ in a variety of scenarios. Occasional pruning and regular watering are important for dracaena. It’s suggested that this nickname comes from the leave’s sharp point. My favorite lil niece picked me some wild flowers, so me being so proud of them placed them in a vase on top of the TV so everyone else could see the love she shared with me. My office has no windows at all do you know of any plants that can survive without any natural sunlight? Generally, if you have a plant with darker leaves, your specific plant prefers low light. Flowering plants will need at least a little bit of sunlight to bloom, but many foliage plants enjoy their best color in low light. Check our out our article on growing snake plant. This can be provided with fluorescent lighting or diffused sunlight near a sunny window. Many other ivy varieties like the pothos listed below also work well in indirect light and shady spots. This plant prefers the outdoors with bright, but indirect sunlight. If you can keep this plant away from your pets and children, it can be a welcoming addition to your home. English ivy prefer bright indirect light, but can tolerate low light. I forget to water it all the time but she loves the abuse because when I finally give her a drink she comes back better than ever. It adores shade and grows well with a weekly watering. Air plants can grow literally anywhere—no soil needed. I moved them to the basement, watered them, cleaned each leaf, Next day went to put in some laundry, and OMG, they sprouted overnight! The ceiling runs on low speed in the summer months. These plants are available at garden centers as air-plants and need the medium to bright light. Be careful not to overwater creeping fig. An example of direct light would be if your plant were outside directly under the sun, or if you placed your plant next to an open window with the sun shining directly on it. Whether these plants found in India..I wanted to implant in my class room. They love to grow at room temperature. All of the plants below can thrive with indirect light and the majority of them can thrive with artificial light. They don’t like direct sunlight and fertilize them very lightly. Another bonus they are easily to propagate so knew plant can turn to many, and are often found at your local big box store. Sword fern can become a beautiful evergreen houseplant. Jackie, I had a Lily in my office, no windows, fluorescent light on about 30 hours a week, and, I would forget to water until wilted. in direct sunlight but provide it all day long, bright indirect sunlight. Spider mites can be a major problem. I’ve transplanted it two or three times during the 18 years. Hi Jackie I have a prayer plant which is growing well. Even if the indoor plant requires moist soil, be careful with watering. They are called dumb canes because all parts of the plant are poisonous. . Take a look at our dracaena care guide to learn more in-depth information about caring for your dracaena. Growing it is similar to Boston fern. ncredibly easy to grow, peace lily flourishes in shady locations. Just water as usual through the layer of sand. Many houseplant enthusiasts find this plant easy enough to grow and maintain. When handled properly with minimal contact, this plant’s danger is minimized. They also prefer high humidity and do not like dry soil, so they must be moist, but not overly-watered to avoid root rot. There are plants that grow without sunlight, they need indirect exposure, some even thrive in fluorescent light and here in this article, we’ve listed 17 best plants to grow indoors. It loves humid surroundings, so do regular misting to maintain the humidity levels. Even leaves are becoming small n no flowers it was good earlier. Commonly known as the money plant in South East Asia, it’s widely grown as a houseplant in Asian countries. The cast iron plant is very forgiving by nature, a great plant if you are always busy and forget about the maintenance. However, if it does not get enough light during the day, the leaves will close in the evening and will not reopen.

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