Select options Details. If you continue to use this site, you consent to our use of cookies. The Cryptid tire specializes in conquering the gnarliest muck. $185.98. Tweet This Product. TRADED MY 30X10X14 CRYPTIDS FOR 30X9X14 GORILLA SILVERBACKS 30X9X14 ITP CRYPTIDS 30X9X14 GORILLA SILVERBACKS MSA M12 DIESEL 14'' RIMS STAY TUNE FOR TESTS THESE SILVERBACKS OUT. How can you modify your ATV to handle bigger and heavier tires? Compare . Regular: $181.15 - $210.33 Save up to 26%! FREE SHIPPING. Nice upgrade for sure! MSRP: $193.50 - $259.27 - You save up to $71.39 (28% off) View Product Details. ITP Cryptid 6-Ply Tire - 14 | 15 | 17 Inch. Why Do ATV and Motocross Helmets Have Visors (Peak)? 4.5 psi in the tire mud tire review. The original Black Water tire was first introduced in 1989 by ITP. The weights listed in these tables are, manufacturer ratings, collected at the time of writing this post. Mail This Product. I'm an ATV and offroad-enthusiast, an engineer, a farmer, and an avid home-mechanic. This is not ment as a complete list, but it does cover many of the most popular ATV tires on the market that are specifically made for mudding. Here are the lightest ATV mud tires divided into three different levels of thread pattern aggressiveness. All Rights Reserved. How Long Do They Last? ITP Brand ITP Model Cryptid Front/Rear Tire - 30x10-14 Item Weight 43.4 pounds Product Dimensions 30 x 30 x 9 inches Is Discontinued By Manufacturer No Manufacturer Part Number 6P0347 OEM Part Number 115351 Section Width 10 Inches Construction B Rim Diameter 14 Inches Tread Depth 2 Inches Ply rating: 8. FREE Shipping! We use cookies to offer you a better browsing experience, analyze site traffic and personalize content. Weight: 44.1 lb. Universal Cryptid Tires by ITP®. $224.61. Weight: 35 lbs: Size: 30x10x14, 30x9x14. MSA M12 Diesel Wheel $122.00 – $138.00. What ATVs Are Shaft Driven, and Why? Accelerating and stopping a heavier tire cause more strain and wear on the bike’s brakes and drivetrains such as the axles, CV joints, and drive belt. View Options. Rack? Related products. Let us know how they hold up at the end of the summer. I went through a bunch of ATV forums as well as weighing some of my own tires. Share On Facebook. Hitch? The ITP Cryptid is a serious Mud Tire for serious mudders. they are also decent priced. Login. The ATV industry's largest tire ever! This site also participates in other affiliate programs and is compensated for referring traffic and business to these companies. And How Well Do They Perform? Which Are Not? Chaparral Motorsports stocks a variety of 14 inch quad/side-by-side tires from top ATV/UTV tire manufacturers, including 30 x 10 x 14 ATV/UTV tires. $281.26. 2018 2019. Looking for 30 x 10 x 14 tires? ... ITP Mudlite XXL ATV Tire. Well here are a few good reasons. But how accurate are the numbers that are listed? The tread pattern is similar and I have been more than happy with them so far. Quick View. Why is the weight of an ATV mud tire important, Heavy tires cause more strain on the drivetrain, causing wear and damage. Truckbed? The original Blackwater broke new ground 30 years ago and the Blackwater Evolution continues that legacy, providing incredible traction paired with a remarkably smooth ride to make of the best all around UTV tires on the market. Compare . I grew up on a farm where ATVs have been and still are an important part of “getting things done”. Weight: 42.05 lbs: Alternate/OEM Part Number(s): 03200847. Why Aren’t All ATVs Four Wheel Drive? FREE SHIPPING. The Cryptid tire specializes in conquering the gnarliest muck. The listed rating can be a bit off in the first place, or the manufacturer may have made changes in the manufacturing process of a specific tire that changes the tire weight. ITP SS312 Alloy Series Wheel $76.99 – $89.79 $98.79 – $121.54 You save up to 26% . This swamp monster features mud-churning performance, unmatched size, and trail versatility. When choosing an ATV mud tire it is key to find the optimal balance between weight and performance. Pin This Product. It is not uncommon that changes are made without updating their website. In celebration of ITP's 30th year of doing business they have release the all new Blackwater Evolution tires. Pin This Product. Heavier tires reduce acceleration and speed by robbing engine power. This swamp monster features mud-churning performance, unmatched size, and trail versatility. Weight: 39.5 lb ITP Cryptid Tire 30x11x14 Free Shipping Product Description: Proven "chevron" style tread pattern, design.. $206.00 But why does the weight of an ATV mud tire matter after all? System 3 XM310 Extreme Mud 8-Ply Tire - 14 and 18 Inch. Kenda Executioner $ 96.00 – $ 144.00. Clutch kits are available for most ATVs and will make the bike better set up for larger and heavier mud tires. The new tire is available in four sizes, including the massive 36-inch diameter Cryptid version that fits a 17-inch wheel. Graduated lug height, starting at 1-1/2 in. Compare . Do ATV and Motocross Helmets Expire? 8-ply-rated radial construction Excellent for extreme terrains This swamp monster features mud-churning performance, unm ... Read More. Share On Facebook. ITP UltraCross R 27x10R-12 – 8 ply 27x9R-14 – 8 ply 27x10R-14 – 8 ply 28x10R-12 – 8 ply – 31.1 lbs 28x10R-14 – 8 ply – 34.3 lbs ... Tire weight has a significant affect on performance of your machine, so give this some thought before you purchase your next set! Since 1982, we have been the world’s #1 ATV/UTV aftermarket tire and wheel source. Discount atv and utv tire wheel packages for all types of terrain. FREE SHIPPING. Most ATV tire manufacturers list the weight of each type and each size of the tire they make. Faster acceleration and more paddling action is the biggest benefit of getting lighter mud tires. Maxxis Mudzilla ( 30X11-14 weighs 44.0 lb) CST Sludge Hammer ( 30×10-14 weighs 42.7 lb) Interco InterForce II ( 32×6.5-14 weighs 48.9 lb) Why is the weight of an ATV mud tire important. $171.60. ITP ULTRACROSS R-SPEC. Sign up for our Newsletter to receive the latest news, updates on new products, and be the first to hear about super cool offers. Maverick Sport 1000R X RC • 2020. Sale: $134.47 - $157.28. The size of these lugs allow you to get out of the gnarliest mud hole or swamp. (Or Slower?). In general, more aggressive tires are heavier. ITP tires and wheels meet the demands of today’s off-road enthusiasts. More Information. ITP Cryptid Tire 164442. We also have the ITP Cryptid, EFX MotoHavok and System 3 XM310 tires, which are some of the most aggressive mud tires on the market today. The paddle-like shoulder configuration provides maximum side bite for climbing in and out of the mud without compromising ride comfort on trails and hard pack, Grooved center lugs to channel away mud and debris and a super durable rubber compound to protect against abrasions, chips, and cuts, Proven “chevron” style tread pattern, designed to deliver unparalleled forward traction, Lug Height is graduated, starting at 1.5 inches at center growing to 2 inches at the shoulder. The ITP Blackwater and Maxxis Bighorn are two of the most popular UTV tires available. Mail This Product. More Information. How Much Can ATVs Tow – A Closer Look at Towing…, How to Replace the Valve Stem on a Tubeless Tire, How to Replace or Install an ATV Battery; Step-by-Step, How to Remove ATV or Motorcycle Grips Without Cutting, 3 Common Reasons Why Your ATV Battery Is Getting Hot, Average ATV Trailer Weight (With 10 Examples), How Much Do ATV Tires Cost – Comparing Different Types, Must-Have ATV Hunting Accessories for the Ultimate Rig, 33 to 34-inch tires for 14 and 15-inch wheels. Price: $232. Please let us know if there is anything else we can do for you by contacting us by email at [email protected] , Live Chat or by phone toll-free at 1-888-339-3888. 2wd vs. 4wd. ITP Monster Mayhem (30×10-14 weighs 40.0 lb) Most aggressive mud tires. Ply rating: 8. Tubes vs. Tubeless (Pros and Cons). Worth knowing: These tires come stock on the new Polaris RZR XP Turbo S. Contact: I just wanna know how smooth they ride and how they do in mud. 8-ply-rated, light truck-inspired tire engineered to perform in extreme terrains. If you have any questions or suggestions regarding this article, please feel free to contact me. Belt slippage is not uncommon when installing heavier tires without making upgrades to the clutches as well. Troubleshooting an ATV That Cranks but Has No Spark, How to Keep Your ATV Clean and Looking Like New, This Is Why ATVs Don’t Have Seatbelts, but UTVs Do, Will Bigger Tires Make an ATV Faster? ITP Mega Mayhem $ 119.00 – $ 144.00. ITP Tenacity XSR, XNR Tires. Select options Details. Full set of ITP Cryptid (6ply) 30x10-14 ATV Tires (4) 5.0 out of 5 stars 1. View Options. But for that added weight, you get a lot of additional durability. The ITP Cryptid is a game changing tire in the ATV UTV industry. Well here are a few good reasons. ... itp cryptid tire review 30x10x14 - duration: 10:00. fourtrax guy 3,684 views. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Tire weight is a crucial factor in any ATV mud tire. $142.95. Probably the most popular size is the Maxxis Carnivore 30x10x14, which tips the scales at 33.8 lbs – about 3.5 pounds more than the Bighorn and Bighorn 2.0 in the same size. The V-style lugs start at 1.5" at the outer edges and rise to a prodigious 2" in the middle. Weight: N/A: Size: 30x10x14, 30x9x14, 32x10x15, 34x10x17, 36x10x17. The ITP Blackwater Evolution is an homage to the first extreme terrain tire produced by ITP, the original Blackwater. Upgrade drivetrain components such as the axles to heavy-duty aftermarket options to make the bike better capable of handling heavy mud tires. Features: Truck-like tread pattern with a sharp edge at the sidewall. Part 654239 fits the following machines. Related products. 32-INCH HARD-TERRAIN TIRES. Size: Select options above to check availability. System 3 XM310R Monster Mud 8-Ply Tire - 20 Inch. This tire has a proven Chevron style tread design which provides unmatched forward traction in the sloppiest conditions. Hi guys,l bought my xmr late july,absolutely love this machine,looking for some suggestions on a good all around tire for all conditions,going to buy another set of wheels and tires to swap out when we are not doing any serious mudding.thinking 30 or 32-10-14s or 15s all around.The cryptids work great but a little rough on hardpack.I have ITP Evolutions 30-10-14s all the way around … GBC Dirt Commander $ 110.00 – $ 173.00. Are the manufacturer’s weight ratings always accurate? In my spare time, I enjoy the thrill of trail riding with my friends. The Cryptid tire specializes in conquering the gnarliest muck. Quick View. By Type. $227.67. 30x9x14 gorilla silverbacks true tire height, width, weight and tread??? Hopefully, you will find it useful! $193.50. $779.80 ... ITP Mud Lite XL Off- Road Radial Tire-26/10-12 48J. The Cryptid also boasts the largest (by both height and width) footprint of any previous ITP mud tire, according to Turpin, literally taking side-by-side vehicles to new heights. Select options Details. Free Shipping to Lower 48 States on tire wheel packages. Copyright © 2020 The Carlstar Group, LLC. ITP Cryptid Tires. These comparison tables make it easier to compare the weight of some of the most popular ATV mud tires. I'm also the owner and editor of Read about how we use cookies and how you can control them in our Cookie Policy. ITP Cryptid UTV Tire. But why does the weight of an ATV mud tire matter after all? What is the lightest aggressive ATV mud tire? 2020. Mud tires have aggressive thread patterns with large lugs so that the tire will paddle through the mud. To accompany our atv mud tires , we carry a variety of atv utility wheels , including System 3, ITP, Fuel, and MSA. This swamp monster features mud-churning performance, unmatched size and trail versatility. Fitment for ITP Front/Rear Cryptid 36x10-17 Utility ATV Tire - 6P0347. From the results, you should expect the ratings to be relatively accurate, but a deviation of 1-3 pounds from the rated weight seems to be within what you can expect. Quick View. $190.95. Resellers are even less likely to catch on to small updates that can affect tire weight. More Information. Maverick MAX X3 Turbo X RS • 2018-2019. A variety of atv tires and wheels packages available from ITP wheel kits, Interco wheel kits, Frontline wheel kits, Fuel wheel kits and EFX Tire Kits. The ITP Cryptid UTV Tire varies in weight from 40.2 ibs to 61.4 ibs depending on the size you are looking at. ATV Mud Tire Weight Comparison (With Charts). they claim they weigh 43 lbs for the 30s, but I saw someone on a can am forum said they weight 41 actually. It was the industry's first tire designed for riding in the mud. ITP Cryptid UTV Tires. Select options Details. Hi, I’m Haavard, and I’m the guy behind Boost ATV. Quick View. Sizes: 32X10-15. The Cryptid tire specializes in conquering the gnarliest muck. Get UTV 30x10x14 Tires at with fast and free shipping over $99! Sale: $98.95 - $196.51. ITP SS316 Alloy Series Wheel $75.59 – $82.49 $101.84 – $125.18 You save up to 34% . Regular: $238.01 - $293.11 Save up to 66%! ITP Cryptid $ 174.00 – $ 239.00. BikeBandit has delivered service and quality since 1999. Note that the ratings may change due to changes in the manufacturing process etc. Item Weight 14 pounds Product Dimensions 15 x 5 x 15 inches Manufacturer Part Number 560462 Can-Am. How Do ATV Tracks Work? Interco Swamp Lite (28×11-14 weighs 35.0 lb), ITP Monster Mayhem (30×10-14 weighs 40.0 lb), Maxxis Mudzilla ( 30X11-14 weighs 44.0 lb), CST Sludge Hammer ( 30×10-14 weighs 42.7 lb), Interco InterForce II ( 32×6.5-14 weighs 48.9 lb). Tweet This Product. ITP says they have 1.5" center lug, and 2" shoulder lugs. The tread depth is graduated, starting at 1.5 inch in the middle and grows up to 2 inches deep on the shoulder! 10:00. It was a huge success and quickly became one of the most sought after tires for most 4x4 ATV riders. 170 per tire, or 1050 for a 30" set with wheels from wildboaratv. Our Price: $ 140.30 – $ 187.88. ATV Winch Mounting: Upside Down? Sizes: 32X10-15. All the benefits of the standard Mud Lites but with a taller profile and super-aggressive 1.3-inch-deep lugs making this is an extreme tire for extreme machines in the most extreme conditions! ITP COYOTE. These new cryptids are supposed to have a much tougher wall than some of the older style of ITP tires and with the rim guard they should hold up well in all conditions. I made this site to write about the things I have learned as an ATV owner. Are ATV Tires Tubeless?

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