Excess moisture will leak through the drainage holes. Okay.. but what about the droopy blooms? You can cut the ends of the hydrangeas on an angle and cut up the stem a little and dip them in ALUM before putting them in a … HOW TO REVIVE WILTED CUT HYDRANGEA BLOOMS DIRECTIONS. Find all the most popular tips and tricks to revive your Wilted Hydrangea. The look of hydrangeas in bloom is unmistakable to gardeners and non-gardeners alike. You may be able to revive hydrangeas that wilt before that time. This is more likely to cause them to bend over or droop. Read my post all about how to care for hydrangeas. Their blooms are so huge and beautiful, but also very heavy, often the plant's branches cannot hold up the weight. Fertilize them, but not too often, and never over-water. To revive a wilted potted hydrangea, you need to move them in full shade and check the soil moisture. Mine looked like they were near death. Not knowing the variety of hydrangea you have, I would not recommend cutting it off. This is your ultimate guide for learning how to Revive Wilting Hydrangea blooms! In fact, they hate it. Find a suitable heatproof bowl that will temporarily hold the flowers. Hydrangeas are actually pretty easy to revive.. even once they get to the point of where you think they cannot be saved. Some hydrangeas do not require any additional water once established in temperate climates but if your hydrangeas is competing with other trees or unfavourable soil conditions then it should be watered generous once per week to counteract dry conditions. We’ve all been there. In the future, keep the soil always moist. Everyday Care of Hydrangeas. Rush home, get them into a vase, only to find that they are soon droopy and sad-looking. Three of YOU sent me a tip I didn’t know about – how you really get them super hydrated to keep them from wilting… and to revive … Hydrangeas have a standard vase life six to 10 days. Fear not! Unlike other flowers, Hydrangeas don’t like cool water. Most hydrangeas require very little if any pruning and if you prune them too often or too early the stems will be very thin and they won’t be able to support the weight of the flowers nor will the branches be able to support all of the stems. Another way to help prevent your hydrangeas from flopping over is to prune them sparingly. How to Revive a Drooping Hydrangea Water the soil around the hydrangea generously . The trick is HOT.. and I mean STEAMING HOT water. These two tricks will help you coax three to five more days from your wilting hydrangeas. Location matters a great deal, and so does a well-drained, nutrient-rich soil. Put on a kettle of water to boil. We grab a pretty bundle of fluffy hydrangea blooms at the grocery store. On Instagram, I shared on my stories how I keep cut hydrangeas from wilting.It was something I do to keep my blooms lasting a few extra days. His advice to bring back wilting hydrangea blooms? How to Revive Hydrangeas. Suppose the soil is dry, water the hydrangea several times to soak the pot completely. Make sure you know the best everyday care of hydrangeas. Use a sharp knife and cut the stems under the water in … Trick No. Soak them—flowers and all. The large body and blooms of the hydrangeas make this plant both space-filling in landscaping and attractive during the growing season. We spoke to Bailey Hale, co-owner and head of floral operations at Ardelia Farm & Co. in Irasburg, Vermont. Here’s how to revive wilted hydrangeas and get them looking great again! Trim off the ends of the stalks at an angle and place the flowers in the heatproof bowl. 1: Give Them a Soak. Recutting the stems about an inch higher than the previous cut can sometime cure issues with air bubbles and crushed stems. I use a mixing bowl. They should revive in a couple of hours and live another day or two. One of my dear readers, Nancy, reminded me of a second method for keeping cut hydrangeas from wilting. Drooping heads is a problem that alot of hydrangeas have.

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