It is slow growing and provides texture without requiring a lot of care. Tout savoir sur cryptocoryne spiralis (cryptocoryne huegellii), achat en ligne, paramètres de l'eau, volume aquarium, maintenance, nourriture, comportement, cohabitation, astuces, conseils, ... Les feuilles descendent profondément cognatoides (Blatter & McCann) Yadav, Patil & Bogner In 1993, Yadav, Patil and Bogner described C. spiralis var. ‘Mi Oya’ is a variety that has been well established in the aquarium trade because of its beautiful color and vigorous growth. KAY SAWANT at How to care for the Flowerhorn fish with discussion on 2019-01-23 22:04:57 Judw93 at Forum and expert information on caring for Bristlenose Catfish on 2018-11-01 20:42:07 Cryptocoryne ciliata Family: 0 14 BIO Cryptocoryne spiralis 'red' Cryptocoryne with slender dark brown leaves. It's a great aquarium plant for the foreground or midground areas. Size 1 ' 4" Origin Farm Raised … Cryptocoryne spiralis Proper Name: Cryptocoryne spiralis Category: Rosette Plants Temperature: 20 - 30 C PH: 5.0 - 7.0 Lighting: Medium Growth Rate: Fast Difficulty: Easy Origin: Position in … Cryptocoryne Lutea forms nice full clumps of plants with medium sized green leaves. The Aquarium Club recommends [amazon box=B01M4KH8BN title=”Potted Cryptocoryne Wendtii Red” description=”Cryptocoryne Wendtii Red. An easy aquarium plant species for any freshwater aquarium”] Cryptocoryne spp. Cryptocoryne affinis Hooker f., 1893 Anglicky: Prolific crypt, Common crypt Synonyma: Cryptocoryne haerteliana Milkuhn 1949 Čeleď: Araceae (áronovité) Náročnost: Nízká Růst: Střední RozÅ¡íření: Asie - Malajský poloostrov. Bulb Plants - Cryptocoryne Spiralis, Red. Lighting of at least 2-3 watts/gallon is needed to achieve the attractive puckering or ruffled effect of the plant’s leaves. Auch über die Kulturansprüche von Cryptocoryne spiralis 'Red' ist noch wenig bekannt, doch mittlere Beleuchtungsstärke und ein nährstoffreiches Substrat sind von Vorteil. Cryptocoryne Hudoroi plants need moderate to high lighting. have leaves varying in shape from cordate to strap-like. Cryptocoryne crispatula, also known as the Balansae plant, has very long, thin leaves with ruffled edges and relatively short stems. In nature, it is found emersed and submersed along rivers and rivulets on the island of Sri Lanka.C. With its striking dark striped, red-brown, very narrowly lanceolate leaves, Cryptocoryne spiralis 'Tiger' provides an interesting accent in the aquarium midground. … Like so many other species from the Cryptocoryne wendtii group (= C. beckettii group), C. undulata has long been known in the hobby. Cryptocoryne parva fromac Sri Lanka is the smallest of all Cryptocorynes (only 3-6 cm tall and a roset less than 5-8 cm wide). The type produced to make a strong aquatic plant, is great for beginners and more experienced aquarists. Cryptocoryne wendtii is available in a variety of color forms, such as bronze, brown, copper, green, red, and rose. This is a Cryptocoryne that will grow equally well as an aquarium plant or as a terrarium plant, though it is when used under water that its color really shines. Considered the most “primitive” of Crypocorynes and distinguished by a septum closing the kettle, Spiralis is a It is easy to keep in your aquarium and looks great in clusters. carries some of the best Cryptocryne like wendtii red, wendtii bronze, retrospiralis, balansae, and lutea. Cryptocoryne lutea Cryptocoryne lutea is usually used as a midground or background plant in nano aquariums. Buy Cryptocoryne Spiralis, Red. Browse by Shop by Brand, Price & more Hide Filters Show Filters Cryptocoryne spiralis is an extremely variable species in the wild. Cryptocoryne (Sri Lanka) (404) alba Red (2) alba Red (R) 赤い苞タイプ (12) alba Red (W) 白い苞タイプ (13) thwaitesii 1999 (6) thwaitesii 2003(旧bogneri 2003) (17) waseri (6) alba Brown (10) Brown 変わり葉Green Type (6) Cryptocoryne spiralis freshwater aquarium plants Posted by Rebecca Swartz on 10 Mar 2020 I was very happy with what I received, good size and … Please be aware that the submerse form of this plant could contain snails and other invertebrates. Care Level: ModerateLighting: Low to ModeratePlacement: Mid-groundWater Conditions: 72-82 F, KH 3-8, pH 6. Cryptocoryne retrospiralis feature hammered texture leaves that spiral around. Bitte beachte, dass wir bei der submersen Variante dieser Pflanze nicht dafür garantieren können, dass die Pflanze frei von Schnecken oder anderen Wirbellosen ist. Sold As: Individual rooted plants Care Level: Easy Lighting Requirement: Medium Co2: Not Needed Growth Rate: Medium Origin: Unknown Tank Placement: Midground - Background Another great crypt for those beginners. Cryptocoryne Lutea ( Crypt Lutea ) is one of the easiest Cryptocoryne species from Sri Lanka to care for. cognatoides.Until then C. cognatoides was a mystery plant resembling C. cognata with - in the common opinion - little chance to be found back in the Western Ghats of India after its discovery in 1917. 191-207 BIO Bucephalandra sp. Different levels of lighting can have different effects on leaf colors and plant structure; in lower light the plant will be long and thin, where with higher light intensity the plant stays more compact with leaves spreading horizontally over the gravel.

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