Its adjustable suspension would also have come in handy if I had known ahead of time that the terrain was going to be so uneven. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. While everyone has different priorities,  an adjustable sunshade is one of those features that I use all the time and that I legit would pay an additional $200 for. All opinions and images are that of Two Wheeling Tots LLC. It was no surprise then, that the Encore X performed like a dream. So for parents who are used to running with traditional joggers, the Burley Encore X’s more narrow body may be a welcome relief. There’s a small mesh pocket that lays flat against the inside of the larger storage compartment that is perfect for keys and a phone. 2018 Burley Encore | Product Features - Duration: 2:38. The first time I took the jogger out, it was pulling to the left, which can get tiresome very quickly, but as explained below, it was an easy fix. Having just reviewed the new 2019 Burley D’Lite X (Performance), and the perennial favorite Bee (Recreation), the mid-tier Encore X was our chance to test Burley’s Sport tier of trailers. No monetary compensation was provided for this review, however, the reviewed product was supplied by the manufacturer or distributor to help facilitate this review. Despite that experience, I was again taken aback by the Encore X’s same smooth roll because it’s so smooth it almost seems unnatural (in the best way!). The Encore’s process is completely painless and is a huuuuge benefit for families with small children. The back of the top of the seat is flexible mesh that allows kids in helmets to sit up straight while their helmet recesses into that pocket. If you want a trailer that can convert to a jogger, ski trailer, etc AND has suspension, but don’t want to spend $1,000, this is a good option. When needed, you unroll the cover and simply zip down. (If you’re going to do true fat biking, I’d recommend using the skis from the ski kit in conjunction with the bike tow arm). I took the Burley Encore X for a mellow mountain bike ride on the very sandy Boise foothill trails and the 16 inch plus size tires rolled right thru the sand! We ended up taking the headrests out of our D’Lite because in trailer mode they blocked the mesh helmet recess and ended up pushing our riders’ heads forward uncomfortably. STROLLER KIT: Upgrade available (2-wheel, since single wheel comes standard), WEIGHT: 24.7 lb.INSIDE HEIGHT: 26″INSIDE WIDTH: 22.5″MAX CAPACITY: 100 lb.TIRE SIZE: 20″UV WINDOWS: YesSUSPENSION: Yes. Where we do think the D’Lite X (not the other D’Lite models) is a worthy upgrade is the trailer bottom. Bikes in the house, bikes in the garage... bikes are everywhere and it's the best way of life. You can easily switch it up by turning a knob if you regularly swap between one or two kids or cargo. If you do this frequently, it could get frustrating, but you also have the benefit of having a trailer and jogger in one! The door on the Burley Encore X has a mesh window, as well as a roll-down plastic cover for rain or colder weather. Reclining seats help to prevent the dreaded saggy sleepy toddler head. UV windows and a sunshade protect sensitive skin from the glaring sun. Unlike cheaper bike trailers, the Burley Encore X has comfortable padded seats. It is pretty With standard tires I was surprised to find how well the tread provided traction on gravel, dirt trails, and mud. Adjustable suspension is probably worth the extra money if you plan on riding lots of gravel roads, and reclining seats are nice-to-have (but not necessary to have) for napping kids. The next step up from the Encore X is the Burley D’Lite. Carrie has a master's degree in Marketing from Northwestern University and thinks being a professional bike mom is living the dream. The Encore line of trailers is Burley’s mid-tier, or Sport trailers. This is a pretty respectable, and while not THE lightest trailer around, it’s nowhere close to the heaviest. As a result, the single swivel wheel doesn’t hang out so far in front. Ready to bike and stroll out of the box, they can also be equipped for jogging, skiing, gravel and sand riding. Great design, only a few things I might not love about it. The advantage of the 4-wheel stroller mode is that the stroller wheels connect directly to the body of the trailer. Please note that most, though not all, of the links on our site are affiliate links. This allows the stroller to be much more compact than in 3-wheel mode where the wheel is hanging out way at the end of the tow arm. It can be done, but it’s not a great long-term solution. Encore X vs. D’Lite X: The D’Lite X has 50 liters of cargo space vs. the Encore’s 60 liters. Below you’ll find a quick summary of reasons you might want to get an Encore X over the Bee, or a D’Lite X over the Encore X. If you’re using it for just one child, they’ll have extra shoulder space and you’ll have extra space for hauling stuff along. I thought it was the most functional brake I’ve seen, and was super easy to use. to fit snugly but comfortably (image on the left). Do those difference really matter or is it just marketing-speak? Compared to the cheaper Honey Bee ($399), the Encore X offers suspension, padded seats, the option to use the jogging and ski kits, and the ability to convert to a cargo trailer. Read our full privacy policy for more information. Burley’s top-of-the-line bike trailer for kids is loaded with premium features to maximize comfort, performance and safety. Encore X vs. D’Lite X: Both trailers use the same jogging wheel attachment. Encore X vs. D’Lite X: They have the same set- up. Encore X vs. Bee: The Bee does not have a rear window. One of my favorite things about the Burley Encore X is that it can convert to a cargo trailer. 80 lbs. In trailer mode, the handlebar should be rotated completely forward to serve as an additional roll-bar in the event of a serious crash (the chassis already has a roll bar included). That includes pasenger weight and cargo weight. Encore X vs. D’Lite: The D’Lite and D’Lite X have five different suspension settings to better accommodate different weight loads. The D’Lite’s rear rain cover can be rolled up to fully expose the mesh layer and provide excellent air flow through the trailer. In the image below you can see how this additional shoulder space allows the older rider to lean away from the younger rider. Having said that, they are hoping to have an … materials are right for your trailer. Encore X vs. Bee: With no suspension, the Bee is better suited for families who will be sticking to paved trails.

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