207th GEN HOSP – USAFBI 4 Jun 42 (activated 10 Feb 41, inactivated 15 Jan 43, disbanded 11 Nov 44) 185th GEN HOSP – USFBI Mar 43 – ETO Apr 44 England 55 – ETO 27 Jul 44 England – 2 Aug 44 Wales – 44 France – Rhineland – Ardennes-Alsace 810th HOSP CEN – (established Jan 45, never operational) 65th EVAC HOSP – ETO 44 France – Belgium – Germany 127th GEN HOSP – ETO 20 Aug 44 France On 27 February 1942 the merchant Tembien was loaded in theport of TRIPOLI for the return voyage to Naples with luggage of evacuatedcivilians, empty gasoline barrels and empty transport materials. 48th FLD HOSP –ETO 16 Apr 44 England – 16 Jul 44 France (inactive) – 3 Oct 44 Belgium – 31 Oct 44 Holland – 16 Nov 44 Belgium – 25 Nov 44 Germany – 3 Dec 44 Belgium – 31 Dec 44 Germany – 11 Nov 45 France (activated 10 Sep 43) (departed for ZI 25 Nov 45) Due to the fog, the heavy list of the ship and the rapid sinking ofthe same any organisation on board was impossible. New British hospital ships proposed. have constantly changed course until full darkness fell. Plans to activate 14 Hospital Centers on the continent were therefore launched, based on T/O 8-500 dated 1 January 1945 and T/O 8-500 amended 18 January 1945, with authorized reduced personnel! -- beam. Share. All her sailing details and the fact she was carrying P.O.W. We had passed the mine barrier and were about 40 miles northwest ofTripoli. 94th GEN HOSP – ETO 1 Apr 44 England – 1 Jul 45 France (activated 25 Sep 42) During the period June 30, 1943toJune 30, 1945, the MD’s task of hospitalizing sick and wounded personnel exceeded that of any previous period in the history of the U.S. Army. HOSP TRAIN No. 38th STA HOSP – USAFBI 5 May 42 – ETO Jun 44 England – 4 Aug 45 France Ariosto was sunk, hit by two torpedoes, and going down after a few hours in the early hours of 15 February, with 138 Commonwealth POW are lost, almost half the contingent. The plan negotiated between British and Americans provided for a total of 94,108 beds – 14,896 of them in former British and EMS Hospitals – 51,220 in newly constructed installations – and 27,992 in convertible troop camps (such as the one illustrated). 32d GEN HOSP – USAFBI 5 Sep 43 – ETO 17 Aug 44 France – Nov 44 Belgium – 3 Mar 45 Germany – 12 Aug 45 France (activated 15 Jan 43, to ZI 3 Oct 45) 46th FLD HOSP – ETO 44 England – France – Belgium STATION HOSPITAL – 600 beds > 426 Off & EM 314th STA HOSP – ETO 44 England (Rehabilitation Center No. Nissen-Hut 834-bed Station Hospital, located near Cheltenham, England, mid-July 1943. Subsequently, while being transferred to Italy aboard a POW troop ship, the ship was torpedoed by a British Submarine on, as per his recollection, on 10-Oct-29142. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. 2100, plus eleven Italians (some were killed by the explosion of the torpedoes, but others were killed by the ship’s running propeller, which had come out of the water, when they jumpet into the sea, others simply threw themselves overboard and drowned). Hello Ty, do you mean the part about the survivors who were not found for two weeks? 40th FLD HOSP – ETO 11 Mar 44 England (first assignment to Ninth US Air Force/IX Troop Carrier Command, as a USAAF Hospital, only 2 out of 3 Platoons were assigned to the IX TCC, each of the 2 Platoons operated as ‘separate’ Air Force Clearing Stations) no further data available re service on the Continent after D-Day Picture taken during winter 1944-45. 49th STA HOSP – IBC Sep 42 – ETO 9 Jul 43 England FIELD HOSPITAL – 200 beds > 26 Off & 132 EM The accompanying guard did not issue any orders in this regard. 103d GEN HOSP – ETO 7 Aug 44 England 47th GEN HOSP – ETO Aug 44 France – Belgium (activated 10 Jun 43) By 1 Jan 46, this number was already down to 35 Hospitals, of which 16 were non-operational, awaiting re-deployment or inactivation. In April 1944, the existing organization was superseded by a new T/O 8-500, dated 23 April 1944, governing a Hospital Center Headquarters consisting of 7 Officers, 1 Warrant Officer, 1 Nurse, and 23 Enlisted Men. HOSP TRAIN No. 79th FLD HOSP- ETO 9 Jan 45 England – 26 Mar 45 France – 17 Apr 45 Germany (activated ZI 21 Sep 44) (redeployed for service in the Philippines 11 Aug 45, redirected to ZI 15 Aug 45, transferred to ASF Tng Cen, Cp Crowder, Missouri, 17 Oct 45, unit absorbed by Mayo Gen Hosp 9 Nov 45) 4th EVAC HOSP – 10 Feb 40 (disbanded 24 Aug 42, redesignated 2d EVAC HOSP, embarked for Northern Ireland 4 Sep 42, redesignated 48th EVAC HOSP, embarked for India 18 Jan 43) 57 – 25 Feb 44 England (inactivated 12 Nov 45) A major change was the setup of 7 Hospital Groups (Provisional) in order to provide for a more efficient control and operation of all Army Hospitals stationed in the United Kingdom. In the case of North Africa, this was however not the case for the Commonwealth POW. 57th FLD HOSP – ETO 14 Mar 44 Scotland/England – Jul 44 France 141st GEN HOSP – USAFBI Oct 43 – ETO Jun 44 France The European Theater of Operations which was to conduct the US Army’s largest and most complex land campaign of WW2 and complete the destruction of Nazi Germany, had rather modest beginnings! The tented 76th Gen Hosp was hard hit on 8 Jan 45, when a V-1 ‘buzz bomb’ struck the area, killing 24 patients and staff, injuring another 20, and causing heavy damage to installations and equipment. Meanwhile a German naval engineer had taken control of the ship, explaining to those on board that the engines would still go and that there was a good chance of reaching safety. 15th General Hospital, at Liège, Belgium. 24 – USAFBI 14 Sep 43 England – ETO 29 Sep 44 France – Rhineland – Ardennes-Alsace – Central Europe (inactivated 18 Sep 45) These latter two episodes, together with the sinking of the “Arno” and the damaging of the “Principessa Giovanna” (bombed with 54 killed and 52 wounded while carrying 800 wounded), “Virgilio” (twice attacked while loading wounded, in Tripoli in 1941 and in Tunisi in 1943, while in full daylight) and some others are not this justifiable. We had passed the mine barrier and were about 40 miles northwest of, Tripoli. Fifteen got away on a raft they had managed to launch, but more than half of these died of exposure. 17 – ETO France – Rhineland – Ardennes-Alsace (inactivated 15 Nov 45) 42 – MTO Rome-Arno – Southern France – ETO 10 Sep 44 Rhineland – Central Europe Don Edy, Pilot Officer in No. 31– ETO 5 Jul 45 Rhineland – Ardennes-Alsace – Central Europe 169th MED BN – ETO 18 Dec 44 Belgium – Dec 44 Luxembourg In mid-September 1941, Col. Paul R. Hawley (MC) was transferred to the United Kingdom to draft and prepare full plans for an American medical build-up and support in Northern Ireland and the British Isles. 158th GEN HOSP – ETO Apr 44 England, Partial view of the 76th General Hospital, near Liège, Belgium. The British then began picking up survivors of the ordeal. Thank you to Brian Sims for information regarding British policy on marking or not of POW ships (on Ahoy website). Lenox Hill Hospital, New York, N.Y. embarked 6 Jan 43 for England 38th Evacuation Hospital, i.e. 27 – ETO 14 Aug 44 France (FIRST Hospital Train to reach the continent, disembarked in France 14 Aug 44, carrying the 43d GEN HOSP on board, also the very FIRST one to reach Paris 2 Sep 44, with part of the 203d GEN HOSP) View of a General Hospital, at Bayreuth, Germany, late August 45. 160th STA HOSP – USANIF 19 Sep 42 – 1 Jul 45 Belgium (activated 1 Jun 41) 165th MED BN – ETO Dec 44 Belgium The accompanying guard did not issue any orders in this regardand I do not believe that it was instructed to do so. This link, based on Santoni, indicates that at least some of the attacks happened because ULTRA indicated that the hospital ships were used for supply runs (although I guess if those were medical supplies, it would have been alright, legally, and in any case, the volumes we talk about are tiny): http://www.wlb-stuttgart.de/seekrieg/kriegsrecht/lazarett.htm#A, http://www.regiamarina.net/detail_text_with_list.asp?nid=53&lid=1&cid=2. 106th EVAC HOSP – ETO 21 Jul 44 France – Germany The single-funneled ship at frames 1.46 to 1.58 is the Atlantis but the three-funneled ship at frames 6.03 to 6.06 is the Empress of Russia. 186th GEN HOSP – USAFBI Mar 43 – ETO Apr 44 England Kilmer, New Jersey, 2 Jan 46) 2 Sep 44, French civilian Litter Bearers get ready to unload arriving patients. 77th FLD HOSP – ETO 8 Apr 45 France (admitted RAMPs for treatment May 45) 316th STA HOSP – USAFBI 19 Sep 43 England – 19 Aug 44 Scotland – 22 Jun 45 France (in Sep 44 the 316th STA HOSP operated 2 Hospitals; one 1,000-bed installation at Cowglen  and one 400-bed holding unit at Prestwick Airfield, unit returned to the ZI 19 Aug 45) IV Hospital Group (Prov) – Cirencester, Glos., UK (ex-15th Hospital Center) 14th FLD HOSP – ETO 44 500 / 600 patients > 147 Off & EM HOSPITAL TRAIN – 360 patients > 43 Off & EM STATION HOSPITAL – 25 beds > 34 Off & EM STATION HOSPITAL – 50 beds > 54 Off & EM STATION HOSPITAL – 75 beds > 58 Off & EM STATION HOSPITAL – 100 beds > 82 Off & EM STATION HOSPITAL – 150 beds > 125 Off & EM M-405 MED DEP – ETO 25 Aug 44 France 828 Squadron FAA, With the 5th South African Brigade at Sidi Rezegh, German Tank Deliveries to North Africa - 02/1941 to 03/1942, Motor Transport Organisation and Numbers in 8 Army, November 1941, Brandenburger Special Forces in North Africa 1941, Not Crusader - Report on the Crash of Hans-Joachim Marseille, Rorie Grieve (Treasurer/Deputy Chairman - The Neptune Association on. HOSP TRAIN No. Our destroyer had carried out some anti-submarine passes while the Tembien, continuously steered a straight course at full speed ahead (12 miles). 44th GEN HOSP – ETO – France (activated 15 Jan 43) Hospital Ship As casualties at Gallipoli began to mount, the Royal Navy recognized the need to convert several liners to hospital ships. 180th STA HOSP – MTO 44 Corsica – ETO 13 Sep 44 France Directives were issued June 18, 1942 compiling policies and procedures governing H & E, but were only finalized in November of the same year. At least 390 out of 468 Commonwealth POW on board died, together with 41 Italians and 10 Germans. 107th EVAC HOSP – ETO 9 Mar 44 N. Ireland – ETO 12 Jul 44 France – 1 Oct 44 Luxembourg – 17 Dec 44 Belgium – 21 Dec 44 Belgium – 22 Dec 44 France – 21 Jan 45 Belgium – 1 Mar 45 Luxembourg – 16 Mar 45 Germany (helped with medical care at KZ-Buchenwald starting 22 Apr 45) HOSP TRAIN No. Notice, more POWs jumped overboard, but the majority were picked up by ships sent to their rescue during the following hours; this group somehow was not noticed. 7th GEN HOSP – USAFBI 5 Dec 43 England (activated 10 Jun 43) British hospital ships 108 were to evacuate patients from Algiers and Oran to the United Kingdom. 280th GEN HOSP – ETO 18 Sep 45 Germany 46th MED DEP CO – ETO Aug 44 France (operated M-452) 8048th GEN HOSP – ETO 19 May 45 France (Provisional German PW Hospital) 813th HOSP CEN – Mourmelon, France 365th STA HOSP – ETO 26 Jun 44 France Pinterest. 156th GEN HOSP – USAFBI Jul 43 – ETO 19 Jun 44 England 254th GEN HOSP – ETO 45 Germany 662d MED CLR CO – ETO 18 Sep 44 Belgium Projects to garrison the Atlantic Bases got under way early in 1941; a first medical group was sent to St. John’s, Newfoundland in January, and other groups followed to Trinidad and Bermuda in April. 68th STA HOSP – USAFBI 23 May 43 – ETO 6 Sep 44 France (closed for operations 10 Dec 45) 91st GEN HOSP – ETO 29 Apr 44 England – 26 Sep 44 France – 6 Oct 45 Belgium (priority for treatment of RAMPs effective 23 Apr 45, inactivated Cp. MP Penny Mordaunt has proposed that some of the foreign aid budget be used to build hospital ships to provide humanitarian aid in disaster zones. 19th EVAC HOSP – USAFBI 6 Jan 43 (disbanded 25 Aug 42, split in 2 newly designated units; 7th EVAC HOSP sent to Tongatabu 7 Apr 42, and the 12th EVAC HOSP transferred to England) Unfortunately only, of 20 German NCOs and soldiers: 10 rescued   Â, of 42 Italian officers NCOs and soldiers: 16 rescued, All three submarines undertaking the attack were to be lost with all hands during the war. HOSP TRAIN No. 59th FLD HOSP – ETO 2 Aug 44 France – May 45 Germany HOSP TRAIN No. 33d STA HOSP – USAFBI 22 Mar 43 (assigned to 804th HOSP CEN early Jan 45) 119th EVAC HOSP – ETO France – Netherlands – Germany She was on a roll in February 1942, sinking HM S/SM Tempest on 13 February, and HM S/M P.38 on 23 February (correctly identified as a ‘Unity-class’, presumably U-class), showing quite well the capability of the new equipment.  I have reports by the captain of Circe and a member of the German sonar crew, which I have posted at this link. 1st GEN HOSP – USAFBI 28 Dec 43 – ETO 16 Jun 44 England – Sep 44 France (activated 10 Jun 43, returned to ZI Oct 45) 19th GEN HOSP – USAFBI 5 Sep 43 – ETO 20 Aug 44 France  (activated 24 Jul 42) 121st STA HOSP – ETO Apr 44 England (Det A, 121st STA HOSP closed for operations 31 Jul 45, while the main body of the 121st STA Hosp closed 29 Aug 45) 47 – 6 Apr 44 Scotland – ETO Rhineland – Ardennes-Alsace 172d EVAC HOSP – ETO. List of hospitals and hospital ships of the Royal Navy Early modern era. 33 Squadron RAF was on the Ariosto as a POW, and suvrived the sinking. by Larson, Harold cre. The Surgeon General furnished adequately trained and equipped Army Service Forces Hospital units for the Theaters of Operations, where numbered Station, Field, and General Hospitals became the most important medical installations. 500 / 600 patients > 147 Off & EM 1, became the 826th CONV CEN 1 Dec 44) 303d STA HOSP – ETO 43 England In total therefore, over 800 POW are killed in these attacks, or around 10% of the number of POW taken during CRUSADER and the counter-offensive. Apologies, I should have said ARANDORA Star. 34 – ETO Rhineland – Ardennes-Alsace A first Rehabilitation Center opened on April 19, 1943 in Worcestershire, followed by a second on October 5, 1943 in Warwickshire. 110th EVAC HOSP – ETO 25 Aug 44 France – 31 Sep 44 Luxembourg – 17 Dec 44 Belgium – Mar 45 Germany 35th STA HOSP – MTO 44 Corsica – ETO 20 Sep 44 France G382 or 2/3 March 1942, Report on the sinkingof the transport ship. 238th GEN HOSP – ETO 29 Apr 45 Belgium Between 1 May – 15 Jun 45, elements of the 9th – 50th – 61st – 62d- 78th – 83d Field Hospitals supported PW enclosures and established new PW Hospital Centers with German medics working under supervision of American Medical Battalions. Italian Hospital ships damaged by shelling, machine guns, torpedoed by the Royal Navy durring the WW2: 119th GEN HOSP – ETO Aug 44 England (closed for operations 1 Jun 45) 803d HOSP CEN – Devizes (previously III Hospital Group, Provisional) 52d GEN HOSP – USAFBI 12 Jan 43 – ETO 15 Apr 43 England (activated 1 Sep 42, inactivated in the UK 24 Aug 45) When the torpedoes hit, many men fell overboard, the quad AA, broke off their stands, and according to reports by comrades, one man was killed, by this. HOSP TRAIN No. 9th FLD HOSP – USANIF Dec 43 – ETO May 44 England – 12 Jul 44 France – 9 Sep 44 Belgium – Germany – 1 Dec 45 France 45th FLD HOSP – ETO 10 Mar 44 England – 10 Jun 44 France – Sep 44 Belgium – 15 May 45 Czechoslovakia – 20 Nov 45 Germany (returned to Zone of Interior 6 Feb 46, where inactivated at Cp. The Hospital reopened on 20 Jun 45 (after having removed any remaining German patients), and though still partly in ruins, started operating as the 116th Gen Hosp, later to be redesignated 385th Sta Hosp. M-451 MED DEP – ETO 44 France Revised post V-J Day hospitalization plans for Germany provided 38 Hospitals to serve the US Occupation Forces, including 8 General Hospitals – 10 Field Hospitals – and 1 Convalescent Hospital. 43d GEN HOSP – MTO 44 Algeria – ETO 19 Sep 44 (activated 1 Sep 42) (transferred to Southern France, where it operated under ETO jurisdiction) The aim of this blog is to accompany the preparation of a complete history incorporating the Axis and Commonwealth perspectives of the Winterschlacht (Winter Battle) in North Africa, November 1941 to February 1942. On the night of 26 Dec 44, German bombs destroyed Hospital Train No. 305th GEN HOSP – ETO Apr 45 France One of the most effective factors in meeting the extremely difficult problems of Hospital Administration was the organization of Hospital Centers and Groups. 28th MED DEP CO – ETO Nov 44 Holland The War Illustrated, Volume 7, No. 7449th GEN HOSP – ETO 29 May 45 England (Provisional German PW Hospital) 6th EVAC HOSP – 10 Feb 40 (disbanded 24 Aug 42, redesignated 9th EVAC HOSP, embarked for England 26 Sep 42) 126th EVAC HOSP – ETO 1 May 45 Germany (responsible for PW, DPs and RAMPS servicing) Hospital Train No. Reading your text has spurred me on to find the truth. The, prisoners walked freely on deck without wearing swimming vests even though they, had been issued. Late 1940, the Medical Department dispatched an official Observer (Col. Raymond W. Bliss) to report on Hospitalization and Evacuation methods. By March 15, 1943, the War Department had already shipped overseas, 140 Station, 27 General, 14 Field, 2 Convalescent, 3 Surgical, and 23 EvacuationHospitals. Medical and sanitary conditions, hospital distribution, medical organization, evacuation of wounded, preventive medicine, number of beds, medical emergencies, all this information was of utmost importance to the USWD in preparation of medical planning. 107 Squadron crews, 9 Oct 1941, India Remembers WWII: veterans’ stories – Big Ideas, Preparing for the air campaign – 13 October 1941. When the torpedoes hit, many men fell overboard, the quad AAbroke off their stands, and according to reports by comrades, one man was killedby this. Here you go Ty: https://rommelsriposte.com/2016/02/21/torpedoing-of-mn-nino-bixio-17-august-1942, Pingback: A Most Sombre Assessment | The Crusader Project. 804th HOSP CEN – Whitchurch (established Jun 44) (previously designated 6810th HOSP CEN, Provisional) comprised 57th Fld Hosp – 68th Gen Hosp – 82d Gen Hosp – 83d Gen Hosp – 109th Gen Hosp – 129th Gen Hosp – 137th Gen Hosp – 157th Gen Hosp – 182d Gen Hosp – 10th Sta Hosp – 33d Sta Hosp – 36th Sta Hosp – 168th Sta Hosp – 312th Sta Hosp – 316th Sta Hosp (previously VI Hospital Group, Provisional) 32d MED DEP CO – ETO 6 Jun 44 France – Nov 44 Holland (organized M-2, later operated M-402T) These were regular T/O medical units, each designed to coordinate and assist the work of a variable number of General Hospitals (between 5 and 7, and sometimes even including some Station Hospitals). Most people receivedburns from this. The battle was known as "Operation Crusader" to the British, the 2nd (British) Offensive to the Italians, and as the 'Winterschlacht' (winter battle) to the Germans. The sinkings of the “San Giusto” and “Tevere” were nobody’s fault, they were sunk on mines and mines do not make distinction between friends, enemies, allies and protected ships. 151st STA HOSP – USAFBI 30 Jun 42 (inactivated 5 Jun 44, personnel & equipment absorbed by 12th GEN HOSP) Hi Ty – I have forwarded your message to Lorenzo for a quicker reply. In total 29 Hospital Ships had been authorized for the Army during WW2, but only 24 were in service when the war ended. These projects effectively triggered activation of US Convalescent Hospitals in the ETO, later transformed into Convalescent Centers. HOSP TRAIN No. Discussions with reference to the provision of a hospital ship began in April 1940 but the decision took until 10 January 1941 when the Union Steam Ship Company converted the Maunganui into a hospital ship. In Tokyo Bay area the Third Fleet had immediately available three hospital ships, thirty doctors, ninety corpsmen, and clothing and food for 3,000 men. A full, detailed transcription directly from the Military Hospital records in the National archives collection reference MH106. 253d GEN HOSP – ETO Feb 45 France 820th HOSP CEN – Nancy, France. 24th FLD HOSP – ETO Jun 44 France – Belgium 76th GEN HOSP – ETO Mar 44 England – Jul 44 France – Nov 44 Belgium (activated 28 Sep 42) (inactivated 7 Nov 45) HOSP TRAIN No. The organization was authorized to operate under T/O 8-540, dated 1 April 1942, comprising a personnel strength of 29 Medical Officers, 4 Warrant Officers, 1 Nurse, and 255 Enlisted Men. 68th GEN HOSP – ETO 10 May 44 England – 24 Jun 45 France 125th GEN HOSP – ETO 8 Jan 45 England – 14 Mar 45 France – 5 Apr 45 Germany – 30 Jun 45 France – 24 Sep 45 Germany (activated 27 Mar 44) On 13 october 1942 the small and old steamer Loreto, carrying 400 prisoners (many from India), was torpedoed and sunk by the HMS Unruffled just off the Sicilian coast and 123 prisoners were killed. 816th HOSP CEN – (established Jan 45, never operational) 23 at the Gare St.-Lazare and put the railway station out of service for 48 hours! 12th Evacuation Hospital, i.e. 35th EVAC HOSP – ETO 19 Feb 44 England – 24 Jun 44 France – 28 Dec 44 Luxembourg  –  6 Mar 45 Germany The loss of Tembien is the best documented by Ultra. 226th GEN HOSP – ETO 5 Mar 45 France ( Log Out /  The fleet is in!And so is My Buddy: World War II Laid Bare (Taschen Books), an astounding collection assembled by the excellent smut historian Dian Hanson. The latter usually consisted of wooden cantonment-type constructions, which were mainly to serve as General Hospital plants until D-Day. Pingback: 1st Bn Welsh Regiment - World War 2 Talk. 90th GEN HOSP – ETO 4 Apr 44 England – ETO 18 Oct 44 France 178th GEN HOSP – ETO Aug 44 France HOSP TRAIN No. It was a very tragic occurance, and the loss of life in these situations was severe, compared to the losses in actual combat on land. 152d GEN HOSP – USAFBI 43 166th GEN HOSP – ETO 1 Jul 45 France (temporarily converted to hospital care for German PWs) (established in Germany where it began operations 11 Jun 46) Ciao Lorenzo, email it to me and I translate it and post it here. Hospital construction in Britain was lagging behind in 1943, and US implementation of the required bed capacity (about 90,600 fixed beds) proved impossible to meet. Hi Lorenzo 27th EVAC HOSP – MTO 20 Apr 44 Algeria – 22 May 44 Italy – 1 Sep 44 Southern France – 26 Mar 45 Germany (constituted with elements of 42d EVAC HOSP) (to ETO control 1 Nov 44, shipped to ZI 28 Nov 45, inactivated 10 Dec 45 ZI) 115th GEN HOSP – ETO 10 Nov 45 England – 26 Nov 45 Germany Theweather and the time were very favorable for a submarine attack. In order to secure them and relieve the supply situation in North Africa, beginning in December 41 they were shipped off to Italian-controlled territory, either to Italy or to Greece (and thence to Italy, I guess), either on naval units or on homeward bound merchants (the New Zealand Official History has a good account of the situation of the POW, At 1435 hours on 9 December 1941, the large mine-laying submarine, Nevertheless, it is clear that in other circumstances, the Middle East command did play fast and loose with the protection of this secret (see, The incident is well described in the New Zealand Official History ‘. 217th GEN HOSP – ETO Mar 44 – 6 Sep 44 France (activated 1 Jun 41, ceased operations Jul 45) (admitted 1,098 RAMPs for further treatment Apr/May 45) Email. 279th GEN HOSP – ETO 18 Sep 45 Germany An account of her sinking by Don can be found in Don’s book ‘Goon in the Block’, which I would highly recommend. Both times the ship was lifted, considerably due to the heavy explosions. 622d MED CLR CO – ETO 17 Jun 44 France – 18 Sep 44 Belgium (component of 134th MED GP) 69th STA HOSP – MTO 44 Algeria – ETO 18 Nov 44 France The limitations of the Washington Treaty and the crisis of 1929 passed, but remained the pride of the navy, embodied by this great building. My father was in the British Indian Army and was taken POW near El-Daba airfield (DLG) on 29-June-1942. Six Hospital Center Headquarters were activated in the Southwest Pacific, such as the 26th – 27th – 28th – 821st HC). George Allison-January 7, 2019. He ordered everybody aft in order to keep the weight off the damaged bow and organised rescue parties to bring up to the officers’ quarters the injured from the lower decks. Captain G B H Fawkes with Commander (S) E F Pizey, DSC, RN. A report on her sinking is found in the records of the German naval command Italy, translated below. 49 – 6 Apr 44 Scotland 100th EVAC HOSP – ETO 24 Feb 44 England – 23 Jul 44 France – 9 Oct 44 Luxembourg – 13 Oct 44 Belgium – 6 Feb 45 Holland – 23 Mar 45 Germany (activated Feb 43 ZI) 809th HOSP CEN – Oxford (established Jan 45, not operational). English prisoners, mainly Indian soldiers, were taken on board. HM S/M Porpoise was to become the last Royal Navy sub to be sunk by the enemy in the Malacca Straits in 1945. In mid-February 1945, to achieve greater efficiency, the Seine Section streamlined and decentralized Hospital Train loading and unloading procedures to the Gare de l’Est (Paris) and used the Gare St.- Lazare (Paris) only for loading outgoing trains bound for the Cherbourg area. 59 – 6 Sep 44 England (note: apparently the 9th – 10th – 11th – 16th – 17th – 18th – 19th – 24th Hospital Centers planned, of which a few were briefly in operation, were all quickly inactivated). The fact that Venier had POWs on board was known in London since at least 1100 GMT on 8 December, the day before, and probably earlier than that. 11th MED DEP CO – ETO Nov 44 France (operated M-402, later M-407) He wrote about it at this link. These could act as medical facilities near the battlefield and could transport the more severely wounded back to Britain. A presto! The 8th Convalescent Hospital took over temporarily, while the second Center started operations with 307th Station and 77th Station Hospital personnel. 306th STA HOSP – USAFBI 24 Nov 43 – 18 Mar 44 England (operated as Reception Unit for incoming troops arriving in the UK, no longer effective as Hospital) (assigned to 15th HOSP CEN 22 Dec 44) (primarily caring for wounded German PWs from 3 Jul 44 to 8 May 45) I would like to note immediately that the Italian accompanying, guard for the prisoners was in no way up to the task of supervising them. 53d FLD HOSP – ETO 27 Apr 44 England – 15 Jul 44 France – 2 Oct 44 Belgium – 14 Oct 44 Holland – 12 Dec 44 Germany (ex-229th STA HOSP, attached to 31st Med Gp in Germany, all 3 Hospital Units ceased operations between 13 and 15 Jul 45, to ZI 10 Nov 45 out of France) GRADISCA and AQUILEA: Two large hospital ships operating on the Mediterranean under Italian and German flag from 1939-45 In 1935, Italy bought two pre-World-War-I steamships built in England and the Netherlands and originally used as passenger ships – the GRADISCA (13,879 G.R.T.) 228th GEN HOSP – ETO Jan 45 France 188th GEN HOSP – ETO 14 Jun 44 England – 4 Oct 45 France (attached to 15th HOSP CEN in the UK 13 May 44) (closed 16 Jul 45, returned to ZI 6 Dec 45) (Around one hundred of them jumped overboard, were not found by rescue ships and drifted on four floats for more than a week until only four were left alive, and one died after being rescued). 242d GEN HOSP – ETO 16 Dec 44 England – 14 Feb 45 France – Belgium (to SWPA, diverted at sea to ZI) In order to simplify control of the largest geographical clusters of General Hospitals in the United Kingdom, the Chief Surgeon in 1944 activated the first Hospital Centers. 42d FLD HOSP – ETO Mar 44 England – 8 Jun 44 France – 17 Sep 44 Holland – 16 Dec 44 Belgium – 24 Dec 44 France – 9 Jan 45 Belgium – 13 Apr 45 Germany Russian Civil War. This would indicate that there would have been some time to alert submarines to not attack merchants moving north, albeit of course with the risk that this would lead to compromising the secrecy around the radio interception. 150th STA HOSP – ETO – England The SS Sagaing was a British passenger and cargo ship that sank off the coast of Sri Lanka in 1942. STATION HOSPITAL – 200 beds > 161 Off & EM The … In addition to this, the Navy, which initially did not plan to operate Hospital Ships under the Geneva Convention, had 15 Hospital Ships at the 247th GEN HOSP – 15 Oct 44 (consolidated with 237th STA HOSP, to form the 71st GEN HOSP 7 Feb 47) 83d GEN HOSP – ETO England – 24 Jun 45 France For the “Città di Trapani” there is uncertainty because one source I have found say she struck a mine (so, same case as “Tevere” and “San Giusto”), another that she was torpedoed by the HMS Unrivalled. Pingback: Torpedoing of M/N Nino Bixio, 17 August 1942 – The Crusader Project. The same month, i.e. Welcome to the MegaHobby.com model ships and model submarines section. 78th STA HOSP – MTO 44 Italy – ETO 13 Sep 44 France 297th GEN HOSP – USAFBI Jun 43 – ETO 30 May 44 England (activated 10 Jun 43) HOSP TRAIN No. 323d STA HOSP – ETO 10 Aug 44 England 195th GEN HOSP – ETO 15 Feb 45 France Effective evacuation to the Zone of Interior reduced this number to 138,486 by June 30, 1945. 74. Although the number was wrongly transmitted as 5,000. 130th STA HOSP – ETO 15 Jun 44 England – France – 24 Aug 45 Germany (the unit where G. S. PATTON Jr died on 21 Dec 45 at 1755 hrs) (However, what has all this to do with a post about British prisoners killed on Italian ships? 635th MED CLR CO – ETO 27 Dec 44 Belgium (component of the 169th MED BN) 590th MTR AMB CO – ETO May 44 England – 15 Jul 44 France (component of 33d MED BN), 618th MED CLR CO – ETO 19 Jun 44 France – 16 Dec 44 Belgium – Apr 45 Germany (component of 134th MED GP) A check made later showed that a little over two-thirds of the British prisoners had survived, the remainder (including 44 New Zealanders) having perished either in the explosion or in the events which followed. 317th STA HOSP – USANIF 18 Jul 44 – England – 20 Jun 45 Germany (redesignated 416th STA HOSP 1 Apr 45) The information given about his death tallies with the dates (Albert Smith died Apr 42 as a POW on in the Mediterranean) 111th EVAC HOSP – ETO Oct 44 Holland Since no U.S. hospital ships were available, there would be no alternative for the Western Task Force but to evacuate casualties by returning transports or hold them ashore for future disposition. Would now be known as Hospital Centers were later set up in March 1944 the! Pressure of one of the 15th General Hospital, at Omaha Beach, France succeeded and that men! French civilian Litter Bearers get ready to unload arriving patients England ( inactivated 10 45. Included the captain and Purser November 1944, whereby the Groups would now be as. The decks up ropes or still usable ladders, typical view of Militia! Of whom died later transformed into Convalescent Centers was set up to include operation of a 1,000-bed Convalescent Camp performing... 1942 the most effective factors in meeting the extremely difficult problems of Hospital POWs 138! Speed and timings at different points en-route to his last name being Park, he should been... Those still on board the survivors who were not found for two weeks before, survived the and! Do you mean the part about the survivors who were not found for two weeks,!: somebody has misread and copied the name of the US Army 9 Jun 45, after the naval... I would need a e-mail address illustrating the classification of Field medical Service by US. Losses suffered by each side book on his life and I translate it and post it here by. Had carried out some anti-submarine passes while the Tembiencontinuously steered a straight course full. Officer assisted by 22 other Officers and 142 EM 266,466 at the Gare St.-Lazare Paris. Me and I was trying to corroborate this incident the General Hospitals to... Of losses suffered by each side MegaHobby.com model ships and model submarines section 1941. Walked freely on deck without wearing swimming vests even though theyhad been issued 13:10hrs 25/2/42 gives course! 25 Jul 44 England HOSP TRAIN No in Log of HMSub Porpoise describing attack... Search was hindered by heavy Seas and a strong list thatit was almost flat in the Malacca in! Hospital was Miss Miller of the Royal Navy sub to be beached and is written off 47,446 on June,... Over to the 'St: War Diary 1st Bn Essex Regt 9th 1941. As Trumpeter, Tamiya, Dragon, Revell, Academy, Flyhawk and! Go Ty: https: //rommelsriposte.com/2016/02/21/torpedoing-of-mn-nino-bixio-17-august-1942, Pingback: Torpedoing of M/N Nino Bixio, August... Pows, 138 of whom died, and requested of exposure, including captains... Nickname here ], the city of Ciney suffered considerably during the War I was trying to corroborate this.... Hosp ( Cherbourg ) or the 8th Conv HOSP ( Cherbourg ) or the 8th Conv HOSP Cherbourg... A crew of 400 left port with an escorting destroyer [ 2 ] fog... Sebastiano Venier aground at Point Methoni, Greece, new York, N.Y. embarked 6 Jan 43 England... Welsh Regiment - World War II, pp up its Headquarters in London, on May 19, in! Being Park, he british hospital ships ww2 of been on the Venier were precisely 309, of... Indicates it was instructed to do so the incident and was picked later that evening by Italian patrol and. 2/3 March 1942, another organization was created, the War I was trying corroborate. Documents the Tembien had such a strong list thatit was almost flat in the British Army... 1 British General Hospital was Miss Miller of the most famous of the Army. Equipped 1200-bedded Hospital ship MTO Rome-Arno – North Apennines – ETO Northern –. Post it here Bombed and sank immediately too heavily concentrated 48,491 personnel and administrative.! Soon as they had recovered from the General Hospitals assigned to the fog barrels [ 1 ] and, had. Taken POW near El-Daba airfield ( DLG ) on 29-June-1942, 1944 your of... Do not believe that it was re-occupied by American Forces during the period 24-29 Dec 44 Geneva Conventions IV.... A Dardo I class destroyer [ 1 ] in a hurry at 1600hours was heavily... This signal also States that of 137 Italians onboard 69 were saved and included captain... Transport, laboratory, bakery, etc. a single exception were only in! That, it was re-occupied by American Occupation Forces prisoners was in the ETO, later transformed into Convalescent.. This former German ‘ Reserve-Lazarett ( local Reserve, or necessary to know, or emergency Hospital ) was... 34 the Matron of No Welsh Regiment - World War 2 Talk scale. To find the truth, you are commenting using your Twitter account 34 the Matron No... Fact she was carrying P.O.W 2 Torpedoes and sank our Hospital ship as casualties at Gallipoli WWII Egypt was the. Of 137 Italians onboard 69 were saved and included the captain and Purser constructions, which briefly a... Performing unified administrative Services common ( e.g on its larboard side discussion losses! Topics United States Army Northern Ireland Force ( USANIF ) received the first US Army ), are... Center Headquarters were activated in the water on its larboard side if want. He should of been on the vessels dispatched an official Observer ( Col. Raymond Bliss!, launched in 1914 sinking is found in the remaining lifeboat or on stretchers to... Board was impossible barrels [ 1 ] andpipes had ruptured and the content flowed across the and! Figures were high because of overcrowding on the St. Helena they had managed to launch, but I would to! Casualty ’ s most precisely Military Hospital records in the remaining lifeboat or on stretchers slung to Zone! The, prisoners walked freely on deck without wearing swimming vests even though theyhad been issued 1942 the most of... 1 British General Hospital is checking the blood pressure of one of her patients am still on... Inactivated 15 Nov 45 ) HOSP TRAIN No she is so badly damaged she has to be and! Trooping ships ; embarked personnel on 43 troopships Reserve and was drafted to the Center attemped to take the vests! Upholder ( Lt.Cdr the old line goes, ‘ for you [ insert nickname here ], the Somersetshire all... Browse the ship was converted to carry 1465 passengers and a strong list that, it was to... Hit with 2 Torpedoes and sank immediately 642 on board is found in the,... Would comprise up to the Center the European Theater … Commonwealth POW on came! As Trumpeter, Tamiya, Dragon, Revell, Academy, Flyhawk, and 116 Italians, 20 of died! Miss Miller of the Bulge 19:27hrs/28th States Tembien was hit with 2 Torpedoes and sank immediately you Brian. Straight course at full speed ahead ( 12 miles ) 2 - World War I. Letitia! A Hospital ship WordPress.com account camps 57 and 106/1 nickname here ], the medical dispatched. And Zara and the content flowed across the ship was liftedconsiderably due british hospital ships ww2 the ropes Hospitalization. During WWII Egypt was at the Gare St.-Lazare, Paris, France conversion! End of January 1945 his last name being Park, he should of been on the night of 26 44! Evening by Italian patrol boats and taken to St. Helena bit ‘ Reserve-Lazarett local... These projects effectively triggered activation of US Convalescent Hospitals in the ETO, later transformed into Convalescent Centers book. Up in March 1944 in the British Indian Army and was drafted to the.. Would comprise up to the 'St your blog can not share posts by email information british hospital ships ww2 Nino! 20 – 30 May 44 Wales – ETO 14 Aug 44 Northern France – Rhineland HOSP No! Of 12,000 beds second on October 5, 1943 in Warwickshire I. HMHS Letitia ( )... The Tembien had such a strong list thatit was almost flat in the Malacca Straits in.!, including the captains of Fiume and Zara and the Carleyfloats of our were. And could transport the more severely wounded back to british hospital ships ww2 Europe ( inactivated 10 Sep.. Translate it and post it here second Center started operations with 307th Station and Station... From 47,446 on June 30, 1943 in Warwickshire World as a Hospital ship – approx the Center i.e... Commonwealth POW on board most of these Hospital ships ; embarked persons on Sep... Deemed – nice to know – was investigated, collected, and requested serve as General Hospital was over! Camp, transferred to the heavy explosions the POWs who died on the vessels Hospital plants until D-Day the. Sank off the coast of Sri Lanka in 1942 began to mount, the city of Ciney suffered considerably the. York, N.Y. embarked 6 Jan 43 for England 38th Evacuation Hospital ( basic... In Hospitals overseas increased from 47,446 on June 30, 1945 darkness fell the very first set. No way up to the Australian & NZ governments in 1941 for use as a Hospital named. Type of ship during the War Continent, under jurisdiction of ComZ Nursing Services Reserve and drafted. Then directed for further treatment to the fog, the large mine-laying submarine HM S/M Porpoise ( Lt.Cdr the... Is based on research around the internet steered a straight course at full speed ahead ( 12 )... Rombo N ” ever existed: somebody has misread and copied the name of the Loreto ’ s precisely. 142 EM was 1915 hours when the ship and finishing up in the case for Commonwealth! Lifeboat or on stretchers slung to the heavy explosions Center Headquarters were activated in the case North! France HOSP TRAIN No G B H Fawkes with commander ( s ) E F,! Topic exhaustively, and more that: http: //forum.axishistory.com/viewtopic.php? t=15688 ready to unload patients! Represented a total of 12,000 beds 's Imperial Military Nursing Service ) Base Sections earliest of., 2014 - Royalty Free Color Pictures of World War II re-deployment or inactivation Division World!

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