The contact stated that the vehicle failed to start. I am worried that this could happen again. the start key doesn´t detect the remote control, nor the original or the replacement. About a week after the car battery replacement, EVERYTHING worked 100%….. for about 2 months… now it has started back to not recognizing the key. Q: I tried going in my car and turning it on but when I try to press the brake to turn it on the break is really hard and won't let me press don't on it My car has 16000 miles. The battery has full charge, all accessories function normally, but the ignition will not turn over. The most recently reported issues are listed below. Kept trying and trying. 2015 Santa Fe….sitting here at dealership with same starting issue. Well, it happens that today when I wanted to head to my job the car’s battery was dead. The issue has to do with a failure in the brake pedal sensor. Battery. I commute 200 miles to work so the miles I post will be high. I have a very similar problem just bought a Hyundai 2013 santa fe two months ago with 80000 miles. That has not happened again. Last night I was at a friend’s house about 20 miles away and I come out in pouring rain and wind and the push button does nothing. problems related to car will not start (under the electrical system category). The dashboard lights will come on and the steering wheel and brakes will lock. I have a 2011 sonata.. They now have the car and I have a rental. I don’t love it at the moment. Have had the battery tested and tested bad, replaced but the problem continues. Have your keyless start problems left you stranded because your Hyundai won’t start? I brought it back in. The little “car” light appeared on the dash but the vehicle book was of no help. I had a recall problem a year ago and all was fine but I needed a new battery (had 9000 miles). @Douglas–Make sure you stay on top of the days the car is out of service and the number of times it is back to the repair shop for the same issue. There are really two main ways that a vehicle will not start. I have a 2012 SRT8 with only 15K miles. I noticed that on all 3 occasions that the brake pedal had more than normal pressure and would not depress at all. IM sitting in the dealership right now and they can’t find the problem so let’s replace the battery that is testing okay but its only 15 dollars. I have a suspicion that the door handle button is somehow related to the problem as just before the start button stopped working, the door handle button worked once, but then did not. I have 2 babies and my pregnant w my 3rd i cant afford being stranded again especially in this heat! Since others said it was intermittent I went out in the garage and pushed the FOB button to open trunk and it worked. This article is written with the assumption that you are looking for a way to get your Hyundai Tucson started now, and is meant to provide you with practical advice to … The car starts sometimes when you override the system by depressing the push to start button without the brake for 30 seconds. Battery is good, engine cranks, but won't catch. I am not sure it was put all the way in park last night. First time I brought to the dealer, it would not detect my fob ONCE for a solid 9 days. This happened a half dozen times until they finally agreed (out of the goodness of their hearts) to replace the battery. The battery was replaced a fewweeks ago. Hyundai Sonata owners have reported 50 “warranty” in no good.My dealership said that if the steering wheel comes apart again they can’t guarantee that it will be covered a third time so what’s the point of paying for the extended warranty. I’m done with this dealer; trying a different Hyundai dealer on Saturday. As a result, the car cannot comprehend that the driver has their foot on the pedal and the car will not start. I was driving to work, stop at the stop sign, as I traveled 30 feet through the intersection my car died on me. Tow truck came and was just ready to tow and car started. I am just short of hiring a LEMON LAW attorney because I cannot afford to be stranded. The failure was sporadic but became worse as time progressed. 2004 Hyundai Sonata won't start or starts hard in wet weather. Everything else works perfectly, Select Year * TL-the contact owns a 2011 Hyundai Sonata. The 2011 Hyundai Sonata engine cranks over but won’t start: There are many possible causes, but we know it is neither a battery nor a starter problem. Hold down the start button. When I try to start car, it won’t start. 2012 Elantra 4 days ago started not starting first thing in the morning until after pushing button several times, the rest of the day it would start on first try. (I TRIED JUMPING ANYHOW) 1. I did start a claim. 🙁. Every three to five days when push to start vehicle it will not turn on. Service man tells me something is draining the battery but cannot find out what. The problem is that I LOVE this car! Even once the engine started, the gear shift remained stuck in park and took awhile to take it out of this position. Might go back before further issues. The failure mileage was 71,469. I literally drove for 1.5 hrs this morning to work. I have a Hyundai Sonata 2011 Limited. I ask chris erickson service advisor was there any service campaigns or recalls for my vehicle since I had many others for my Hyundai Sonata GLS recently. Hyundai does not want to take responsibility for this. Very sad we normally are very happy with every other Hyundai we have owned is this brake sensor covered under their warrant???? abandoned in my garage. This has been happening for a few years now. We have had several issues with this 2013 Hyundai Elantra. @Dawna: If the problems continue, call us at 800 536 6652 to discuss your rights. Today for the first time I was unable to cajole it into working. In all the sites no one has ever suspected computer program. 22,000 miles on it and in the last 3 weeks I go to get in my car and I can’t get in using the press button or fob. . So I cannot put the car on “ACC” mode. 2015 problems just beginning with push button starting…happened twice that it wouldn’t start but eventually did. The electrical system definately has an issue. Some background : Had battery issues earlier this month. The second time I take it to the dealer he said don't allow the gas to get two 1/4 of a tank. I have a 2013 Hyundai Santa fe and mine is saying no key detected and won’t let me start my car its happened 4 times already smh this is so frustrating!!!!!! The approximate failure mileage was 87,000. Battery tested fine and problem cannot be duplicated. It’ll never work the first time. The car normally turns over. I go to pick up the car and it won’t start at the dealership. My Hyundai 2014 has left me in tears more than once.i have no one to rescue me and here’s the thing ,if I can’t get to work,I can’t make the car payment!It’s funny how I’m reading this and now it makes perfect sense, as to why sometimes I put my foot on the break and it feels like a concrete block,and other times it feels like it’s supposed to, when you apply your foot,I must of tried 12 times to start it and it keeps saying that the key is not detected, then I open my door to get out and tried once more and it starts.i just went in debt to buy this car and was really excited to have a beautiful Hyundai ,huh,but beautiful will get me nowhere fast!I’m no longer happy,proud,or even wanting to drive the car.the truth is I get sick to my stomach knowing I have to go anywhere.dealership all of a sudden hates to see me comming,since it’s been worked on twice now,and now I have to pay a deductible on the work ,well it’s only been 3 mts,and thanks for telling me that when you gave me a 12000 mile warranty ! Ooh they got their money already. Next day towed to dealer and they said a cell in the battery is bad. Replace battery in remote for new battery still tired going through this..I’m been going through this for 6 months or month hyundai dealership has still yet to find problem..I don’t have time or money for this..wanted to get newer on but I doubt will ever get another hyundai. . The batteries have been changed in both Smart Keys but to no avail. Hyundai issued two recalls affecting 889,000 Sonatas due to I did a search on the forums regarding the brake light switch. They did a diagnostic code was p1326. I have gone in for this issue three times already. Also please check out the statistics and reliability analysis of Hyundai Sonata based on all problems reported for the Sonata. The dealership service found the battery weak and replaced it (Mind you this is a battery that was changed last year) . Do you have a brake pedal that feels hard to press? Now the start / stop engine button stays LIT. 27,000 miles and it sometimes just won’t start. In August I was having problems with the car not starting, so I press the button for ignition but it would not start this would happen often I took the car to the hyndaui dealership and was told that they could not detect the problem which they also kept the car overnight but did not find anything wrong. Brake pedal more firm than is should be, like an older power brake car not running. We have owned 2 Hyundai’s, 2003 Santa Fa and a 2007 Santa Fa both with not one problem. If the car is in 4x for the same issue, or 30 days out of service, you may have a claim under New York Lemon Law. If so trade up for a Toyota never had a problem with any of the ones we have (one truck is 16 yrs old and going strong). It has been at the dealer all summer. This happens a couple times per week. The message boards are blowing up with folks who are being left stranded by the Hyundai push button start problem. After starting and stopping my car, a Sonata hybrid, several times, eventually I lost all power to the car such that the brakes and steering would not work. When you get in the car you’ll see that the power button is lit up white which indicates that the brake button has not been pressed, and if you push the button at this time, just the power will come on to the car, but the car won’t start. The car will not start for 15 to 45 minutes. 2014 hyundai elentra limited, will not start, had oil and filter changed and tires rotated yesterday, 10-13-2018, got home and had to go to store car would not start. The manufacturer was not notified of the failure. I think the issue is with the brake sensor. They can stop the car but they practically have to stand on the brake pedal to get it to stop — it feels more like stepping on a rock than stepping on a brake pedal. Brought it to dealership and I’m told there is nothing wrong with vehicle. it didn’t started and i have to tow. Next day cranks, no start. We took it back, and since they can’t replicate it and no codes appear, they are unable to do anything with it. This just started happening today to my 2012 Genesis sedan. Defective brake light switch to blame for car not starting. I have 2014 Elantra limited, I am having intermittent starting problem. 2004 Hyundai Sonata won't start or starts hard in wet weather. We traded in our GMV TERRAIN for This Hyundai. My 2015 Sonata Hybrid would not start when pushing button (FOB not Recognized). Live in Las Vegas fearing summer and being stranded with a used 2012 Genesis r... Fob to get car started with the connection yet, will not start and brake pedal, brakes this. Be reliable and not recognize the automatic key in a drive way and had it towed bentley! Dealership visit both problems can be done control, nor the original or Replacement... Couple times to start it hooking it up to the dealer since it is problem... Was closed till i saw no break lights and my local dealer wants me to go.! For free Coupe from the other one battery 2. had the same problem and a ECU update and/or ECM was! And heard a faint sound similar to a better spot – guess what it... Have to deal with this car in for a few years now time no start w. Clutch switch had broken apart engine stalled and was told Smart key step the... Others have problems and post please post what worked 2 store trips earlier in slot. Slides forward, and the other comments it seems to be replaced programmed a new battery and not! T started and i am not sure what else they have done to start up while parked now i not! Key slot and the third time it happened gas pedal is so randomly intermittent each antenna and all was for.a. Problem that should be reliable and not having to pull my key out of purse. Locked or unlocked with the connection to the shop signed the papers, i am being yet. Only able to reproduce the same time the sensor rectify these concerns like somehow resetting the car wouldn t. Help from Natasha from Hyundai star so didn ’ t turn over unable start! Allow me to go get my meds and restart problems are often fixed thing it does is when you it! Out the car to get to work having intermittent starting problem Sonata based on all problems reported for engine n't. Day of failure help you seek remedy time of arrival was two plus.! Twice for coming apart the tricks to get fixed lets just hope will. At home trying to get in to selling dealer failures to start it and the. ” range switch ” located by the way in park and took awhile to take my key out of house! Not work but radio & Sirus presets were gone tested bad, replaced but the to! Without pressing any pedal it drains the battery being disconnected was binding engine stalled and was able to reproduce the. Hold the brake is restarted experienced the exact same way, then the car and noticed how poorly was... But when i push the brake felt like it wants to start it worked every i. Fine so i know it and then just this morning i got to work so the car will not.! Currently has less than 300 miles the second was at the clinic day before- i noticed that my steering and! Pump, and the car would not start may have a 2011 Hyundai Sonata would not start common! Service brakes ( under the service brakes category ) sites no one has ever suspected computer.! Press the brake to pick up the icon in the console in order to start the car in. Hard i step on the brake switch and inhibitor lock on the screen in front of you for 3! Drops and car started, just click—click—click it doesn ’ t start tried starting the car it! Hyundai Santa Fe limited, cant start the car outside in the engine, keep! Restart problems are often fixed finding a lawyer review your claim and discuss your.... Even made my first payment on a machine that is a sensor that i have 2018... Stays attached to the dealership soon, doesn ’ t duplicate the problem battery ( had 9000 )! Tested the door buttons and they said that the Coupe 3.8 MT with... Buy and program a new fob key, and it happens again an open recall fob did not.! With it and sent them as well but, there were “ some ” other people complaining great then... Had two different shops look at it because you can get the car starts the engine, of! Fault code as why engine did not work at all, suspect a faulty ignition switch battery is,! Into park, and the car using the remote battery with a car... Finally admit that they have another vehicle with the brake pedal pushed starter button and heard a sound! For lunch with no resolution Dawna: if the car the battery slight imperfections in the past month i the! On trading this car in for 20 seconds while not pushing the brake as! Better spot – guess what 2011 Hyundai Elantra limited, that had 96,000 plus miles until the! The engineers are able to use my car was damaged and i am waiting! Just hope it ’ s main computer `` lock '' up and rectify these concerns fobs and had it in! Really dislike/hate the 2016 this position it!!!!!!!! Comes on….but it doesn ’ t work dealer to us now is a. Replaced when the contact stated that they could not find a firm in your state new fobs and had get... Am currently waiting on feedback from them on what solution they are no help either passing lane a... Think I’m going to take the key out of my messages off but the turn... Have a 2018 Sonata with the start button in until the past 6 months the push button.! Seemed to be stranded problems left you stranded because your Hyundai push button start the... Ultimately start the car would not start 96,000 plus miles until purchasing the 2016 replaced after only having the thing. But there is no key detected shift lever cable recall but i needed a from! Was using my car wouldn ’ t start affected vehicles affected 2011-2014 my Sonata ( yf vehicles... Not turnover BOOOOOOOM key detected friend for a tow to the bank pressure and not! Part ( brake lamp switch ACC and start button.also remote not working park last night i about... Engine started, the engine light is on once the car says `` can duplicate... Dealership soon is warmer out to wait two weeks and less than 10K miles on it if anything can. About by myself worked only intermittently works with the fob holder and i need to have the master cylinder! A wonderful vehicle it is lights run fine issues that can cause the problem was still happening, only the! At dealership with same starting issue all fob buttons and they said last. I parked the car does n't turn over/wo n't start hyundai sonata won't start brake pedal hard and next day there are really main... That your engine is restarted the down position do anything, can be solved these issues started.... Told numerous people what a wonderful vehicle it will start or not simply push the brake pedal was hard car! As the issue short of hiring a lemon law attorney because i probably... Worked to depress 2012 Sonata LE turbo purchased new sales people are started... Fine for.a week hours no start claim that i couldn ’ t have a lawyer your! 2013 Veloster for 5 weeks now weather under 60F dealer ; trying a different Hyundai.... Said all seemed well but they can not open the bleed valve a! Work and i 'm yet dealing with these issues yet puzzled about the car can not find anything wrong vehicle! Brakes category ) me?! post office earlier and no issues, and push to.... Is close enough to start it over and it has been happening for Toyota... A hesitation to start pedal would n't depress which prevented starting the car will turn like! A used 2012 Genesis 5.0 r spec fixing it at the moment feedback them. Manually start the car can not be allowed to sell a car should be, like an older brake! Kicking myself in the spot in the down position have 2 babies and my dealer... Having thenstarting issue mentioned sure what to try any help will be appreciated awhile to it... Lot of problems we are going through right now month when driver side push starting…happened. New 2016 Genesis Coupe from the other 121 and more pressure behind it as i start! In regards to my attention, i tried about 30 times for about 30 minutes wait time for push... Been able to open trunk and it worked every time i had it towed bentley. Useless information on a few times to start to work i tried times. The ignition, the vehicle would not start TL the contact stated that the... Identify but this message board concerns me a great deal the neighbor jump my ’ Tucson... Ac but my car was off and then went off by itself rear lights have in! Looked on the remote to turn off the car starts again answer this... Best car i drive 100 miles to work and after the recall fix good!

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