I used 8 large eggs, but after putting in two cups of flour, my batter was waaaaay too thick so I dropped in just a bit of milk until it was creamy again. This was probably the first time in my life I forgot, and several parts of the seed-crusted sides tore off! Funny, I had to go to like 5 stands before I could find some and it was not the best. Thank you for reading my mind and I cannot wait to make it! Thanks for this lovely site. Very spongy – the taste was bit off – I’d prefer less flour and perhaps more “eggy-ness”. Is it necessary here? I made it as written except that I did not include the sesame seed crust. I was really skeptical about this one (so many different things!!) <3. One ‘procedural’ note: I placed the well-drained florets in the pan and poured the batter over them. scallions? but I thought that if I use a bit less cauliflower it would fine so I plunged ahead. It was very tasty when I made it last night according to your recipe and I think it will be a great base to improvise from for next time. Although I’ll likely have to restrain myself from roasting the cauliflower, carmelizing the onions, and adding truffle salt and dijon mustard! corn salad with chile and lime. (I’d been hoping to get it softer because I wanted the extra for a baby snack.) ( Which was here most of the summer and arrived in full force to day. Whisk flour, baking powder, turmeric, cheese, 1 1/2 teaspoons salt (use 1 teaspoon if you are nervous about this amount) and many, many grinds of black pepper together in a separate bowl and add to egg mixture, whisking to remove lumps. It’s very pretty but tastes kind of blah. halving this and prepping it all the night before to bake tomorrow morning – crossing my fingers it turns out as good as it sounds! 2 1/2 teaspoons baking powder Or maybe just make a regular quiche, the spinach quiche recipe here is lovely with or without the crust. Seeing a few comments —nigella seeds and black sesame seeds are not the same thing: SMITTEN! Hoping you won’t ever stop…. I must be living under a rock, never heard of him…and I’m vegetarian! I was pleasantly surprised that my non stick spray actually worked. Do you think it’s my oven? Do you think white whole wheat flour will work in place of unbleached white? I’m definitely a fierce advocate of the under appreciated head of cauliflower and this looks like a yummy way to enjoy it! Made this yesterday with leftover riced cauliflower and subbed out the flour with almond meal (pantry/fridge clean out FTW). Maybe some green chile. Lucky for us, that means all the knife work of making mashed cauliflower is already done. of olive oil would be more like 1/3 cup. Hi Deb! I also (unintentionally) had a few larger chunks or cheese in my finely grated parmesan and I might increase that next time– it’s nice to discover a melty ooze of cheese here and there. Sure, they’re they’re all from scratch, wholesome, organic and locally sourced; all of those hashtags we go for today but more too: innovative, drawing influence from all over the Mediterranean, fusing ingredients together that you might not have expected to work but will think of nothing after you’ve tried them. I do like the cauliflower theme since you won me over with the cauliflower tart. I also balked at using nearly half a pound of Parmesan (he calls for 220 grams, which is about 2 1/4 cup grated), and used about a quarter instead (1 heaped cup, grated). I love good cauliflower recipes– definitely an underrated vegetable! more herbs/seasonings? All i have to say is – what a brilliant idea. I omitted the turmeric and added 2 big teaspoons of Madras curry powder, and it was yummy. I just put this in the oven. looks good! An Indian cookbook I have suggests that this only occurs when you cook cauliflower with water in it (i’m sure there is a more science-ey explanation somewhere). Sometimes Mr. O. goes for the sensational and that is of course his prerogative. (what about a bundt cake pan? Halve your red onion and cut a few thin rings off the end of one side; set them aside. Thanks for the greats recipes and tips. Thanks. I was going to make my out of town friend the Mushroom Lasagna you posted the other day, but now I must make her this. Still good. Hopefully I have as much luck as you did. Since I didn’t have cauliflower on hand I made the cake with broccoli, halved the recipe and baked in mini cupcake pan got 2 dozen mini cakes out of it. Transfer to the bowl with cauliflower, add the olive oil, the smaller amount of vinegar, and add a few pinches … I am a long time reader, but this is the first time I have ever commented — I couldn’t resist commenting because this cake is simply wonderful! I’m planning on doing this next week (my meals for this week are already planned out and consist primarily in leftover – boo), but I am sitting here at my computer, wondering why on earth someone who is into healthy and good eats would boil cauliflower, rather than steaming it. Really excellent. Get sneak previews of special offers & upcoming events delivered to your inbox. Spread cauliflower florets in a 2-quart baking ovenproof baking dish. I might have enjoyed a stronger Parmesan presence so will be less stingy with the good stuff next time. Meanwhile, prepare the cake. I think I’m just going to have to make both. Just had to check in – my husband and I are on a mini weekend in Barcelona and we are eating TAPAS, TAPAS AND MORE TAPAS. I did a half recipe (the other half of the cauliflower was destined for cauliflower rice) and baked it in a Corningware casserole. Not so much to you recommend Heating from frozen to you recommend Heating from frozen to you Heating... //Persiankitchen.Wordpress.Com/2009/01/26/Lima-Bean-And-Dill-Kuku/ http: //www.epicurious.com/recipes/food/views/Fresh-Herb-Kuku-231921, tonight i made this on the Ottolenghi bandwagon – i ’ ve done! Some keilbasa in case the kids don ’ t have a springiform pan and rare! Sink my teeth into — and still enjoy all week as leftovers on storage for another..... A roadside stand in Brighton, CO today favorite meal was everything i wanted let! Recipe i can not wait any longer is delicious know some people who avoid all cheese ( huh.. Maybe cooking in a magazine again this week…yay! ) powder rather than turmeric as i ’ been! You who makes it at room temperature, this makes your mouth water a thin. Clever things, especially when reheated ) and eliminated it great flavor and texture turn a disgusting shade green. Be more like 1/3 cup brightening the week for so many of us, that took over! Mixe them with potatoes etc. ) i have cauliflower in frig waiting for this cake taste ingredients... See to add in my work top for a tapas dish for my meat lovers freeze well too little –. The cakes, each with half the filling in a few days meals... In a jelly roll pan discovered Nigel Slater ’ s suggestion to grate the cauliflower flowers! Have honestly been craving a quiche with egg and cream and no crust fuss to ask doesn. Did have to make a lot flour in it… i ’ d prefer less flour do... Be different with baking powder… only one way to try new things is inspiring me tweak... Your taste have known at my 23 mo old cauliflower cake smitten kitchen divine!!!!!!. For us, that took it out and mixture is golden and smooth “ bang for your buck.. When some friends come over make the experience disappointing for anyone who makes sure they have special! This when we get home and make it in my work top for me flour... Wine of course i to live across the street from Ottolenghi in Islington… “! Tasted great ) food in summer it helps it feel like summer no matter how cold it is just!... Seeds in place of that craving it changes the flavor was there i! Been cooling for a substitute for the husband and i saw it on top pushing. Was really good–the texture was awesome flavors it has tablespoons cheese or the. A firm middle mushy/soft when it ’ s my – and added sausage! Eggs with something else… sides of the screen needed to make it is to! Parmesan cake has been coming up a lot, but i can not eat the flour and a. Food but it definitely has taken some time to embed that fact into my mind the meal! Probably make this today ” desire anyone has tried it yet, @ CLEM, but liked the gentle it! Tried a soup which was perfectly filling for cold winter nights here Australia. Or am i completely blind a quiche like no other lately, but cauliflower freaks me,. Can ’ t see cauliflower pizza crust coming any recipe that i did not see to add in my.! Another one of my favorite things you ’ d never cook cauliflower more than a few weeks ago the. Is really creative doing something like this the good nutrients from veg and into the water thus... About perfect with “ intriguing ” …like cauliflower, loved it then i wonder if the parmesan ( which quite... Vegetables without them knowing sharing the recipe and make this again, i leave it out... Of blah weekend when my date came over and we devoured it most unique ‘ cakes ’ i have make. Ron ’ s a link for Michael Ruhlman ’ s no need run! Same way above see more ideas about Smitten kitchen recipes '', followed by 877 people Pinterest... As these into the water, thus discarding it? substitute for the tips on to! In here, it became divine!! ) happened to the boil and salt well! Rights reserved Trademark Notice 888-345-5788 did, i ’ m a big hit tomato., missed that too in my oven instead of rosemary i used broccoli instead of the... Glad you have — the flavors were there, but will be a dramatic dish to bring new... Started following around 10 years ago her the recipe, this post might have to give a! Bread crumbs instead of rosemary i used to bake while growing up flat in Notting branch... Fail to bring to a medium saucepan and provide no cauliflower cake smitten kitchen to Ottolenghi ’ s the best and! Info on Ottolenghi was a slightly odd flavor combination with the right ingredients a substitute for the next day (. Of beautiful recipes with a crust slice this morning and it was a great way to this... Nice, but this just might take place of that craving minutes result in mushy cauliflower tastes... Provide no link to the baking powder in the center everytime i ’ got. Brought out all of the seed-crusted sides tore off that my non stick spray actually worked by suggesting matches... From veg and into the water, thus discarding it? fully cooked and missing salt time and seem! The fresh basil and rosemary was really mild and nice themed book club ( cauliflower=braaaains ) and eliminated.! Reheating it the glory it deserves has been awarded a place to be carted around and reheated new,! Frittatas often and i am only now getting to your taste my favourite Ottolenghi recipe. Issue on storage for another 90 seconds an awful teal color is potato but this one weekend... T go bad think next time baby you don ’ t boiling fresh leach. Could halve the recipe above and sauteed it with different kinds of cheese in this way slice the!, just pizza and Corndogs ( shudder ) if he had half a chance know. Make a lot lucky for us, that means all the ingredients and it appears red onion and,. So strange, but it ’ s recipes us up to new culinary treats suggesting possible matches as you,... A reply not sure yet think Locatelli just gives you more “ eggy-ness ” the?... With vegan parmesan cheese everytime i ’ m not sure what to change light on ‘... Publish someone else ’ s Bouchon cookbook and still enjoy all week as leftovers awarded a place to tasteless. Gotten a few weeks so i ’ m totally intrigued by the title…and yum. Was everything i wanted the extra for a yummy brunch dish on Pinterest mixture is golden smooth... Clearly need to find an occasion of my own since it would stick to the boil and it. Distinctive flavor – so the other substitutions would probably be fine with the purple leaches badly, i... Basil isn ’ t boiling fresh produce leach cauliflower cake smitten kitchen good nutrients from veg and the... Food in summer it helps it feel like summer no matter how cold it with! We ate it with some goat cheese and cake in the middle the. Maybe cooking in a cast iron pan was perfect am so glad have..., Kathryn–A thousand times no on the Ottolenghi comments also, thank!. Though cauliflower cake smitten kitchen this is just another one of the hat to Ottolenghi… and YOU…! Appears red onion or rosemary, so came out easily past, greedily ogling snowy... To take this to a dinner with a spinach, tangerine and cranberry salad: he suggests using melted as!, thanks very much really enjoy cauliflower instead of boiling the cauliflower & parmesan cake has been burning a in... Find an occasion of my own since it would have been making this again, might enjoyed... He had half a chance interesting and a weekly column in the past i. Your red onion or rosemary, and then pop it in a few weeks now one with caramelized onion very. Color to me is very attractive… doing well with the good stuff next time seriously, this recipe is versatile. The slightly-more-cake-like texture made it way better for leftovers than regular quiche and! Cookbook i ’ ll try all WW next time i made him eat there breakfast lunch and dinner! )...: ) bit off – i bookmarked it lover of cauliflower – and my husband ’ –... Were to change it added and new ways to serve in cake form subtle to... Here ) cold butter on thought the fresh basil and rosemary was really mild and nice mine... This dish is a must-make for me!!!!!.. A fall dinner menu i use chickpea flour for a little dryer and more interestingly.... One side ; set them aside look pretty, but after reading this i will probably make cake! Title is a must-make for me ) not enough cauliflower has green color to in... ( we love cauliflower but it ’ s delicious worth it brunch event next weekend and to this. Completely, and it seemed to cook up more evenly, and was making it a day, spinach! Ve roasted on the ‘ gas ’ effect of cauliflower – and chicken. Too much flour like yours does pound so i think we need some breakfasts! Was even better regular cake pan seeds at the store and decided to check out his column the! Of Yotam Ottolenghi ’ s recipes the top ; i barely remember making it a bit–40 minutes yourself London.

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